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#BetterMe Back-to-School Week

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This week I dedicate to a sharing of lessons I’ve learned.  It’s more like a review  really since I haven’t been able to talk about them much in the last few months.   It is back-to-school season anyway, and as you know this is my own version of studying.  Motherhood is the primary role in my life right now and I want nothing more than to do it to the best of my abilities (of course, while still being able to do other things for myself).  The juggling act of parenting; it never ends.  So I look for ways to learn and do things that will help us move forward on this road to raising children in the best way I can.  And after all, aren’t we all students of parenthood?

#BetterMe was a term Kris of OcMominManila coined last year when we first got the SoMoms together.  Because really, who doesn’t want to be a better version of themselves?  And it doesn’t stop at just one aspect — we tackle all the 5 life bubbles that Coach Pia has talked about over and over again.  We spend more time on some areas than on others, and depending on the state of our lives it will tend to shift here and there, but essentially, the goal is to ensure that each one is inflated equally.  It’s really about finding ways, means and people who can lead you towards that goal.

And this is in turn the reason why I choose to attend these sessions, and share what I’ve learned here.   I’ve always hoped that through this process and this blog, I am able to learn from your experiences too.

So far this year, the #BetterMe sessions have been a constant in each month.  And the reason why #BetterMe sessions continue to exist, is because it is powered and supported by people, groups,  brands and businesses, who share similar goals and values as that to which we aspire to be.

We all want to be #BetterMe's -- and hopefully through us we can help others be the best versions of themselves too.

We all want to be #BetterMe’s — and hopefully through us we can help others be the best versions of themselves too.

The #SoMoms are often my companions through these sessions because we share that common goal of wanting to continuously learn and improve ourselves.  It’s the reason we get together — because in each person’s unique experience, there is always some way the lesson will fall to help them in just the way they need.  Amazing right?

So here’s to our journey of continuous learning, and continuous self-improvement.  May we never stop striving to be better versions of ourselves, so that we too in turn, can help others (like our children, and the people we touch!) be the best that they can be.


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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.

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