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The Era of iPodatoes


My Mommyology iPodato

The new couch potato is the iPodato.

An iPod Anecdote:

Snowed in one Tuesday, Sam repeatedly asked to watch her Barney show on the TV.  She persisted all day, but I still kept trying to distract her with other toys.  She then asked for the iPod, so I compromised and said we would take turns, and I would go first.  To my surprise, she did not protest and sat down beside me to patiently wait for her turn.  At one point I handed her the iPod and stood up to go to the bathroom.

I came back to find that she had flipped to the Netflix application, one I didn’t even know we had on there, clicked onto her Barney program, and was now watching the show I would not let her see on TV — from the iPod.  She looked up at me with this triumphant grin and said, “Barney Mommy!”

I was yet again, out-smarted by my 2-year old.

So I have to ask:  Is there still a parent in this world that will leave the house without an iPhone, an iPod, or an iPad in their bag for their kids?  They provide such an easy form of distraction no matter where you are, that I now wouldn’t know what to do without one.  These gadgets and all their content, can keep Sam in place for at least 45 minutes, which is generally enough time for me to peacefully get some food down without choking.

She first surprised us one day, at the age of 10 months, when she picked up my iPod and slid it open.  Since then it has been a part of her vocabulary, and one of her constant “toys”.  To date we have purchased several applications for her to learn and play with, the likes of Duck Duck Moose for instance.  She even plays popular games like Angry Birds, and Cut the Rope.  I don’t know about the motor skill and mental skill development, I hope there is progress in that area, but I do know that she is learning to emphatically say things like, “Bonk the pigs Dad! ” or “That’s a Bomb!  Don’t cut it!  It might explode!“, when playing Fruit Ninja with her Daddy.  Ahh, the new generation.

Apple, you have once again made yourself indispensable in our daily lives.  And at such a young age at that!  Congratulations.

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.


  1. Keep it at arm’s length, Sam, lest you wear glasses far to early for your age…

    Talo pa ako ni Sam. Wala ako Ipod, Ipad, and any other new doodad available nowadays! Haay!


    • Ang nakasulat sa likod ng iPod, Cher, “Merry Christmas Mommy! Love Daddy and Sam” but in truth, they use it more than I do! I find new programs and games downloaded that I didn’t put there!

  2. I totally agree with you, when I want Adrian to stop crying or behave when we r out, I just play his fave songs or make him watch Barney from my iPhone. But then when he gets frustrated bcuz the show is over he throws it on the floor!!! I also want to add that I’m impressed with how much abuse the phone can take.

  3. Amazing kids of today! They are getting pretty expensive to distract/entertain! Haha!

  4. Mika now owns a second-hand iPod Touch (her first — bought for our trip to Vancouver) my old Macbook Air, my old iPhone (thoroughly disinfected) because the old iPod Touch doesn’t have a speaker. She has more gadgets than I do.

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