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Gingersnaps at 20: Two Decades of Chic Children

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Fashionable kids clothes?  It's this.

Fashionable easy-to-wear kids clothes? It’s this.

When I think of children’s clothes, Gingersnaps is top-of-mind.  And that’s not an easy thing to be, especially when you have a myriad of brands, both young and old, local and international, that offer a basic necessity for parents and their kids.  One way or another, a child needs to be dressed, and they will wear out or run down their clothes pretty fast.  In fact a child doesn’t need fancy things growing up; sometimes they’d even be better off wearing the same thing every other day, washed or not!

So how has Gingersnaps managed to stay successful and relevant for the last two decades?  From the point of view of a fellow business owner and entrepreneur, I’d love to have a brand that has withstood the roller coaster ride of two decades and made it out on top.  From the point-of-view of a consumer I’m just floored and impressed by it all.

They make quality, stylish clothes.  The kids themselves love them.   Sam and Jamie have never been picky with their clothes, at least until they finally learned to wear Gingersnaps.  Now that’s pretty much all they want to wear!  The fabrics are comfortable, the styles and silhouettes are trendy, and the clothes LAST.  The colors don’t fade no matter how many times they’re washed.  And they’re easy to wear too.  Nothing too stiff that a child wouldn’t be comfortable in it no matter where he or she was going.

In fact, Jamie has inherited some of Sam’s first few Gingersnaps outfits and they still look brand new.  We even used some of the outfits in our family photoshoot last November.

They’re not afraid to stay ahead of the curve.  In pure marketing speak, Gingersnaps would be considered a lighthouse brand.  They’re one of the very few who dictate the trends, are always on the look-out for the latest, and are constantly experimenting with new ideas.  In fact,  I love how Gingersnaps knows how to mix and match prints and textures and designs.

I watch a lot of Project Runway and I’m constantly in awe at how some designers know which prints work together and which color schemes and textures complement each other.  Sabrina Uy, the Creative Director of Gingersnaps has a natural talent for that.  She’s very hands on with the entire process, so it’s no wonder that the output is as excellent as it is.

When you enter a Gingersnaps store, it’s well-lit and easy to navigate, even with little kids in tow.  It shows that the lay-out is well thought through.  My girls always love the way the stores are set up and they don’t give me problems about shopping there.  In fact they love coming along and exploring a Gingersnaps store.  Everything feels fresh, new and exciting.

I love how the stores always look so fresh!

They’ve given the brand to their consumers.  The Gingersnaps’ 20th anniversary was truly a celebration, a testament of the brand’s success and growth throughout the years.  My little family was invited to witness such a momentous event in the Gingersnaps history — and the girls were so generously dressed for the occasion.  Let me tell you, we were all excited to be there!

My girls at the photowall wearing pretty much everything Gingersnaps! :)

My girls at the photowall wearing pretty much everything Gingersnaps! 🙂

It was a simple get together for retail partners, customers and friends, and our families.  The show was the launch of their 2014 Collection,and it featured the top 10 kids in the recent Gingersnaps model search.

Love this look!  Sam would love it too!

Love this look!

It was THE cutest fashion show I’ve ever seen.  And it was the simplest, most succinct anniversary celebration I’ve been to as well.  The marketing person in me can logically understand and appreciate every aspect of the event.

The consumer and the mom in me is at a loss for words… in a good way.   In fact I don’t reason and I don’t think about it too much.  Gingersnaps gives me an easy, happy feeling.  I will instinctively make a beeline for it each time I see a branch in the mall.  I don’t have to think twice; I know for sure I’ll get awesome quality and stylish outfits for my girls, and for the other kids I purchase for.  The brand and the look of the box alone speaks volumes.  It’s exactly what every brand hopes to attain from its consumers over time.

Congratulations again Jerry and Sabrina!  We look forward to the next two decades and more!

Jerry and Sabrina Uy, the brilliance behind the brand.

Jerry and Sabrina Uy, the brilliance behind the brand.

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  1. Hmmm…. I wonder if they have / will have a “Big Gingersnaps” for adults. hehehe

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