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Friday Give-away!


It’s a Friday!  Might be a good day for a give-away, ey? 😉

Lysol was one of our #BetterMe partners — has given some of the #SoMoms Lysol giftpacks to share with our readers.  It introduces some of their new products, such as the Lysol Liquid Handwash.

Disclaimer: Contents of Give-away may vary from photo.

Disclaimer: Contents of Give-away may vary from photo.

Once upon a time (in a different lifetime), I used to work for Lysol.  Hence I became obsessed with germs and know about all these viruses and illnesses.  I remember we even ran a campaign in public bathrooms and I think that’s how I turned my friend Polly “OC” about using bathrooms too.  To this day I carry Lysol with me wherever I go, ESPECIALLY when we travel!

In any case — back then, while we new Lysol was a good surface disinfectant to stop the spread of viruses, the main culprit really of viruses passing is through the hands.  We all know this, it’s not new information, thus arose the advocacy of learning how to wash your hands well.  Even in the girls’ schools, the kids are taught how to scrub between their fingers and rub their nails through with soap after any activity.  The nice thing about Lysol’s new liquid handwash is that you know it’s not just clean, it’s also germ-free.  (Remember, clean and germ-free are two different things!  Clean is never enough!)

Anyway to cut to the chase, Lysol is giving out one gift pack to one lucky reader.  Do you want it to be you?  You know the drill! 🙂

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Happy germ-free weekend folks!

PS — Next week in light of going “back to school”, I will post all the learnings I’ve had in the last few #BetterMe sessions, including the one that Lysol sponsored!  So watch out for that!

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  1. For me I equate Lysol to cleanliness, hygiene and a total disinfectant. I am a certified OC, more so that I became a mom. Because our air nowadays is very much polluted, I always have Lysol disinfectant spray to freshen the air around our home and the liquid one to clean on floors, bathroom and kitchen. Not only that it makes our household clean and it smells fresh and heavenly too!

    Donna Rose Juezan

    • Thanks for joining! 🙂 Here’s a tip — the Lysol disinfectants can be dissolved in water because it’s the most potent of all the brands’ products. One cap in 1/2 a gallon of water. Should help make your disinfectants go a longer way!

  2. The disinfectant spray in Crisp Linen is my long time favorite! Now we use the hand soap at home too.

  3. Lysol gives us protection from unwanted germs and infections. It also cleans the air. I use Lysol Disinfectant Spray (Jasmine) to prevent germs and infections in our home, thus providing a cleaner and safer abode to live in. It also helps maintain our home refreshing.

    Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg

  4. I LOVE the Lysol wipes. I have one container in each bathroom and use them to do a quick wipe down when it’s needed.

  5. I love the disinfectant spray. We always keep one in the bathroom. Since I live with two boys, I really need to make a super effort to keep the bathroom, especially the toilet area, clean and germ-free. And nice-smelling, too!

  6. Lysol Disinfectant Spray.Because it really helps on eliminating bacteria in our home.

  7. I want the disinfectant spray to disinfect germs in the house especially I have kids to protect from germs and infection and also to have a clean and good scent at home

  8. Air sprays. They make my home clean-smelling all the time.

  9. I use the Lysol Multi-surface cleaner for our bathroom since we have small children to keep the germs away from.

  10. Lysol Disinfectant spray- Lemon Breeze is what i prefer because of its smell and i know that Lysol products are of the best quality.

  11. I always carry Lysol Disinfecting Wipes during out-of-town trips. Keeps me sane whenever I have to use public toilets

  12. We use Lysol disinfectant spray (lemon) to keep the bathroom clean and smelling fresh.

  13. Hi Mymommyology,

    I want to try Lysol disinfectant spray.. I want my preschooler to be safe and germ free during his playtime 🙂

  14. Lysol Antibacterial SKIN CARE Hand Soap is always on my grocery list. I purchased it once every month. I just like this variant and get to use this at home. Hope to try the other 2 🙂 Thanks for this chance

  15. I like Lysol disinfectant spray it is my choice. It really help’s to fight bacterial and it really has a good smell that keeps the house fresh all day long

  16. Honestly, I’ve never used Lysol before. What?! I just buy the ones from Watsons. Now I need to look into these especially since I have a toddler!

  17. Lysol Fresh hand soap is my favorite of all.
    I like the fresh scent I feel my family are germ free when using this. 😀

  18. I don’t have a favorite yet I wan to try this so I would know which will be my favorite. Honestly my wife uses different brand for disinfecting our home

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