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Life-saving Family Restrooms


My Mommyology's Family Restrooms

Family Restrooms = Sigh of Relief!

I’d have to say, one of the things I love about being a mom in the U.S. would be the availability of CLEAN Family Restrooms.

Mind you, having worked for Lysol in my past life, I know that there is no such thing as a truly clean restroom.  But it does help that it doesn’t smell like chlorox, looks clean, and has a lot of soap and tissue paper.  Plus, it is big enough to accommodate your husband and a stroller (sometimes, with shopping bags slung onto them).  Or when alone, even just the stroller or a shopping cart of groceries (in case an emergency happens and you’re in the middle of shopping!  Obviously, it has happened to me).  And it should be big enough for you not to bump into toilets and walls full of germs.

I am now spoiled by family restrooms and I don’t think I can live without them.  Ever ever ever.  And if you come to Chapel Hill, I can most certainly point you in the direction of the shops and malls with great family restrooms!

Back in Manila during a visit early last year, I was in Rockwell with Sam and of course she chooses this time to dirty her diaper.  Now I would have to say, Rockwell is one of my most favorite malls in the world, but it was a mommy turn-off when I didn’t have a clean, dry place in the bathroom to change her in!  Not to mention, I was alone with a stroller and some shopping bags, which I had to turn my back on for a good 10 minutes — imagine my paranoia!  I may have amused the cleaning lady in the bathroom when I whipped out my own towels and my mini-Lysol Disinfectant spray (TO GO!)

My Mommyology's Mommy Must-have

Mommy must-have: Never leave home without it in your diaper bag!

and made some sort of “tissue paper nest” for Sam to lie on in between two faucet set-ups.  I had to also carefully position my child such that she did not roll and teeter into one of the faucets, or watch her hands grab things and put them in her mouth before I had a chance to wipe them off. Imagine the multi-tasking!

I probably used up half the tissue available at that restroom, to everyone’s dismay.  When I was done, of course I had to wash everything that touched the walls and counter.  Sam, only 8-months old at the time, also got her first lesson in proper hand washing.

Really though, what is it to put a changing table in at least one of the many restrooms in a stall throughout the mall?  It doesn’t matter what country you’re in.  With or without a yaya in tow, or a stroller in tow, any mom would be relieved to have a clean, dry, secure place to change their children in public.  It is up to them how O.C. or paranoid they would be about disinfecting it first.

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.


  1. Hmmm, I know there’s a changing table on every Powerplant bathroom. Even then, I still don’t lay down DD when it’s not completely covered by a changing mat.

  2. There are? Have they always been there? But yes I know what you mean.

    What about the male restrooms? I’m not sure that there are no? Because Daddy had to do the same thing (except he was less meticulous) Here there are changing tables as well in the male restrooms (in restaurants when there aren’t family restrooms), just in case the child is just out with daddy.

  3. They have FAMILY Restrooms??? That’s waaaay cool! And I have that Lysol too!!! It’s one of the coolest things 🙂

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