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My Mommyology Review: Babies to Toddlers (+ Give-Away!)


It’s funny how Manila is really so small.

I’d been hearing about this online shopping site for quite a while called  I was quite curious, because the site claims to have “hard-to-find items for babies and toddlers”, which to me reads: things that were available to me in Chapel Hill that aren’t available locally.  Online shopping makes me happy.  It’s easy, there’s no traffic and it’s done from wherever I am.  So I am all for it.

Then one morning, I got to my exercise class earlier than usual (I usually make a photo-finish entrance just as the teacher is about to close the door) and sat down with a few of the other women for a quick chat.  We’d see each other before and after class and exchange a few words, but I think our solidarity started when we’d collectively groan about certain positions our instructor would make us do (but we’d do them anyway).  Somehow the conversation went to online shopping and social media and that’s how Teresa and I “formally” met.

Teresa Rufino is the owner of Babies to Toddlers.  She’s actually had the site up since 2009 and has been adding to the variety of items since then.  Teresa  sources the products herself and makes regular trips out of the country to check out the latest things that Filipino parents would want for their kids.  “Each product is pre-selected for innovation, excellence, social consciousness, development appropriateness and styles,” she said.  I do remember her being away from class for about three weeks and when she came back she told me about a recent pregnancy pop she found.

I hadn’t bought anything yet, but I’d been back and forth into the site made mental notes of some things I wanted.  It’s quite tempting since shipping is free over a reasonable amount of P1,200.  With the way I shop for my kids I’m sure to meet this (and hurray for free shipping I say!).

The Temporal Thermometer was the first thing that caught my eye (and the price of this alone meets the minimum requirement!).  I’ve had our current ear thermometer since 2008 and no matter how many times I change the battery, it seems like it’s lived out its useful life and I’ve been meaning to replace it.  I like it that this one is non-intrusive .  The girls don’t mind the ear poke, but when they’re sick and asleep sometimes it also wakes them up, and I’d do anything to keep that from happening, like buying a new thermometer.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The other cute item I saw was the wrap-around hair towel.  It’s called a hairbib.  I smiled when I saw it because it’s a very relevant need for me.  Sam usually rushes out of the bathroom before I can get her hair dry.  Often times when I catch her, the top back portion of her shirt is wet since her hair is still dripping with water.  It’s the first time I saw this hairbib, but it makes a lot of sense to me.  It’s something I’d definitely buy.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of


Then there’s the Aqueduck faucet extender for my petite Jamie.  Pre-aqueduck days, Jamie still needed to be carried to wash her hands, negating the need for the step stool I stuck into our luggage on our way back home.  But once installed it, Jamie now happily sticks her hands under the flow of water and washes to her heart’s content.  I’m all for products and gadgets that help make a child a little bit more independent.

She still tiptoes, but she's happier this way too.

She still tiptoes, but she’s happier this way too.

I also love love love – Potty Cover seats!  I tell you with these girls and the public bathrooms around Metro Manila, there is no way I will enter without one.  The ones on are quite nice because they’re big and long.  Sam can actually hold on to the seat comfortably when we use it without her fingers or any part of her body ever ever (EVER!) touching any part of the toilet.  Of course, I still disinfect the whole bloody thing.  It’s also quite handy when we travel.  Trust me, I know!  I can never have enough potty covers.  Jamie will soon make use of them too.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

And because Teresa is a generous mompreneur, she has asked me to help her giveaway a few of the products on their site!  Rafflecopter here we go! 🙂
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you Teresa and Babies to Toddlers for making shopping in Manila much easier for us!

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  1. Thanks for the post! I am always on the look out for unique finds for my little one.

  2. I hope to win the unique things for my baby

  3. i love this site! such interesting finds!

  4. “I hadn’t bought anything yet, but I’d been back and forth into the site made mental notes of some things I wanted….” same here. I’m even looking for people who will have baby showers so I can them some nice things from here too. (excuses to online shop). 🙂
    i think I’m going to get those potty covers and some nice potty training stuff from the website soon. my little one is almost ready for real potty training. 🙂

  5. Would love to get the Aqueduck for my little princess!
    My email address is:

  6. Thank you for the Give-away. I hope I coul win!

  7. always reading your blog. giving me tips, ideas and advices. thanks

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