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Two Tots and The #BellyBlessedFest


In a previous post that I did on Two Tots, I said:  If I lived in Manila, most definitely our kids rooms will be furnished and accessorized by Two Tots.

Well.  We are in Manila.  And yes… my home is (mostly) furnished and designed by Two Tots. 🙂

Two Tots from L to R:  Quilt, Name Decals, Night stand, Basket Crate, Bean Cubes, Clip Hanger

c/o Two Tots from L to R: Quilt, Name Decals, Night stand, Basket Crate, Bean Cubes, Clip Hanger, and painting the walls green!

c/o Two Tots from L to R: Personalized Apron, White blinds, Dollhouse bookshelf, Table and chairs set.  And painting it pink!

c/o Two Tots from L to R: Personalized Apron, White blinds, Dollhouse bookshelf, Table and chairs set. And painting it pink!

If you remember my playroom project post in Chapel Hill when we moved apartments, the quilt was a mounted accent on the wall and the name decals were already there too.  We just brought them home with us here.

My cousin Bea was quite instrumental in shaping and executing the vision that I had for the girls’ rooms and the rest of the house.  And what was nice about was my concerns as a mom were addressed head on — because she understood why being a mom herself.   It was much easier to marry the timelines and the budget constraints with her on board.  The paint that was used was the one that didn’t smell as much, however it took a longer time to dry.  I wanted blinds and not curtains because of dust accumulation, and so we chose one that was nice, easy to clean, and one that could withstand the kids’ activities as they grew.

All the pieces of furniture are made from Mahogany wood.  It’s heavy but it’s also very sturdy.  And each piece you can see is carefully made.  There are no splinters, no sharp corners, and the drawers slide easily in and out without catching.

The quality and craftmanship of each product is obvious, that I even had Two Tots customize several pieces of furniture for other parts of the house.

All worth the investment!

All made to fit the space they were going to be placed in.

I wanted the corner bookshelf to spin so that we could use all sides of it for memos, and pictures.  The coffee table is central to our living area, and so as much as it should have storage, it also needed leg room space for when the girls sit there and eat.  The dresser’s height and width was measured to fit exactly the space that I wanted to put it in.  Everything had a personal OC touch to it, and Bea personally oversees the delivery to ensure that there are no problems with the turn over.  She also stayed to brief me on how to care for the items and safety tips when it also came to the kids.  It’s really something only another mother will think of, I tell you.

I’ve always thought Two Tots was a great company and I feel that the business had a lot of worthwhile opportunities moving forward.  So you can imagine my delightful surprise when, a few months back, Bea and Liza sat me down for a cup of coffee and asked me to be a part of it!  I said yes in a heartbeat.  I’m glad they thought of me. 🙂

So here I am, a few months down the line, learning the ropes and settling into my new role as Bea’s business partner.  It’s fun I have to say, and there is never a dull moment.  There’s always a lot to do and we have so many ideas and exciting things coming out in the next few months.  And more and more, I realize that the reason why the brand appeals to me is because it was built and carried out in the same values system that I have and grew up with (well, we are cousins after all).  When I think about it, it doesn’t feel like work at all. 🙂

There are several ways to see our stuff and get a hold of them:

a)  Visit an ID Ideas for Living Branch.  They are located at the following addresses

  • 2100 Pasong Tamo Ext, Makati (Main Branch);
  • 3/F Market! Market!, Taguig;
  • 3/F Glorietta 5; and
  • G/F of Westgate, Filinvest Alabang.

b) Visit our Website at (we’ll be updating this in the months to follow I promise!);

c) Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram with TwototsPH; and

d) Contact us at  — remember we can customize furniture to fit your specifications.

e)  This Friday through Sunday, July 12-14, you’ll find us at the #BellyBlessedFest.  Two Tots will be with Manila Baby Shop and Paper Chic Studio at the 2/F of Podium beginning 11AM.  Come and visit the booth as we’ll be bringing a few items to sell and we’ll be happy to take orders as well.

See you there!

See you there!

Just like in the previous Belly Blessed Festivals, relevant speakers and sessions will be held for expecting moms and dads on July 13.  There will be a belly dancing session, childbirth sessions, and safe sleep discussions amongst others.  Our favorite Teacher Jeannie will be conducting a Kindermusik Mama session on Saturday, July 13 at 1:40PM.

See you soon!  I’m quite excited to discuss children’s furniture with you. 🙂

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