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Retail Therapy Fix at @TasteCentralPH

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Here’s a fact of life:  Moms shop.

We shop for our kids, our home, ourselves, our friends, and for our husbands even if they tell us not to.  We come up with excuses to see each other on shopping trips (check out OCMominManila’s post about a 48-shopping trip!)  We have all sorts of reasons to and if not, we’ll make up one.  Everything can be justified.  Yes, it definitely can.

In fact I think that my husband’s white hair doubled in its appearance when I was given access to online shopping in Chapel Hill.  I could shop 24/7 from my cozy chair, and in a few days packages would arrive at our doorstep.  He never saw them coming, poor thing.  One time, I told him I wanted a new dress that I saw in the mall.  My license was up for renewal and I needed to be driven around while it was being processed (the good citizens that we were).  He refused to take me to the mall so I could try it on and said I didn’t need a new dress anyway.  In his defense, he was really trying to deter me from shopping any further, but of course, it didn’t work.  I just searched for the site online — and it was a good thing too because it was on sale online anyway! — and a few days later, I had my dress in my hands. 😉

When I think about some of the things I miss about Chapel Hill, online shopping is one of them.  Need another batch of diapers?  Click!  It’s at my door  two days later.  Need a birthday gift?  Off it goes, shipped to the celebrant.  Do I want something for myself (when did I not?!) – here it comes, just at the touch of a button (or two).  I tell you – it’s very hard to shop for anything in Manila when you have two toddlers in tow.  And the mom-guilt gets to me if I have to leave them at home for long periods of time as well.  Then again shopping is a way for moms to de-compress from all the home stress, guilt and outward giving of attention and energy.

Enter Taste Central, an online retail site launched a few months ago.  It’s the sister site of Deal Grocer (the go-to discount source for food, destinations and services.  Our local version of Living Social Deals basically).   They have some really REALLY nice things on the site.  Luxurious brands, sought-after popular products and a variety of things for the home, for kids and for women (The one for the men is coming soon!).  I tell you, each time I look at the site, my mouth waters and I don’t know where to begin.  I spend hours looking through each page trying to decide what we “need”.

The copy that they use on the site and in their weekly newsletters is brilliant too.  It’s alluring, seductive and very confident.  It really reels you in and makes you want more. The site is tastefully done and the interface is straight to the point, so it’s easy to go from one category to the next.

Anyway, Taste Central was able to push some of my purchasing buttons with their most recent sale.  Of course, the first area I hit was the women’s section.  A lot of the great brand names were almost half off!  I was going for shoes – however I hesitated because I still hadn’t confirmed my size.  I wish there was a sizing chart I could refer to while measuring my soles from home.  I debated on waiting in the hopes that they’d “complete the look” by adding more choices for accessories and clothes.  But as it is, everything looks fabulous.  I seriously could not decide what to do.

The kids’ brands are pretty amazing as well.  A lot of it veer more towards the infant – young toddler stage and I couldn’t think of anyone I wanted to gift at the moment, so I just drooled over everything.

I ended up in the Food section.  I came across some items from Trader Joe’s.  We loved shopping there in the states, it was nice to have a part of it within reach.  Trader Joe’s items aren’t also locally available in the groceries that I frequent.  My brother helped me decide on what to get, as he is also trying to help me lose the baby fat stuck in my body for the last two years and two months (I cannot use the “I just gave birth” or “I’m breastfeeding” excuses anymore!).  We agreed that I need healthier eating habits to start with, and so here we are, with salad dressing, trail mix and some gluten-free quinoa.

Trader Joe's!  Love love love.

Trader Joe’s! Love love love.

The items arrived in less than 24 hours.  Taste Central guarantees a 3-day shipping lead time for available items at a P100 delivery charge.  It also comes in a box that says, “Signed. Sealed. Delivered.  It’s all yours.”  How can you not want it?  

For now, I am happy to browse through the Taste Central site pages.  It’s therapeutic and relaxing because everything is nice to look at.  I daydream of owning a lot of the items someday.  Soon maybe?  Who knows.  I’m holding back, I know — mostly because I don’t want to give my husband a heart attack, heehee.  I’m eager to see what they add to their roster, because there is always something new, and it’s always something that you’d (I’d) want.

The lovely bit about Taste Central is that after you acquire the items you’ve purchased, there’s no regret.  There’s no guilt.  Everything is a good buy.  It makes you feel like you’ve just gotten one step closer to living a better, lifestyle because everything they offer is of the best quality.  They don’t settle for anything less.  As moms who give all that we have to everyone else, when we don’t ask for anything in return, then we shouldn’t have to settle for anything but the best for ourselves either.

(Now how’s that for an irrefutable  justification? ) 😉

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