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Another Year for a #BetterMe

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Two weeks into the new year, and it’s the first time (in a long time!) that I’m alone at home and in bed.  We had quite the crazy winter with the house coming together, Sam’s birthday, and then all the relatives that came and spent the holidays with us.  And when that was done, it was all about getting the routine back into place.

You know how the coming of the new year and all the posts on Facebook make you think about the year that was?  Reflect on the year in review, talk about the big milestones and major changes that happened.  Say goodbye and thank you to 2015, and then look forward to 2016.  And then boom, the fireworks and the champagne and the new year’s resolutions and the corresponding feelings come tumbling out.  It’s the positive charge needed to start the new year.

Last year, was born.  Nine moms and very dear friends attended The One Core’s Discover Your Core Weekend with Coach Pia, the starting point for this advocacy project.

Borrowed from

Borrowed from

We have in common what a lot of mothers (and people in general), want:  to be better people, better mothers, and better versions of ourselves — if only because we want to create a better world for the next generation.  It’s done on a very tangible, relevant platform too — social media!  Who isn’t on their computer or looking at their phone these days, or watching You Tube instead of TV?

It is becoming a great source of new and current information, with relevant links and channels for moms and kids alike.  I’m particularly a fan of Kids Know It.

Over the years that we’ve been working with Coach Pia and mounting #BetterMe seminars, I’ve learned so much about myself and how my whole person affects the way I am, and most especially, the way I parent.  The responsibility to a better, brighter  world all begins with me (us).  It’s a continuous process, with major ups and downs, and hiccups and bumps on the road, but still all with the same end goal that we hope to share with more people.

The prevailing thought in my head was a busy 2015.  A lot of it was life-changing, but also very “life-draining”.  As parents with responsibilities and chores and a household to look after, a lot of our energy is outward-focused.  And if your Enneagram profile is like mine (2’s anyone?), then it’s a natural tendency to put others before yourself.

On this journey of becoming a #BetterMe, I realized that no one will take better care of me, than me.  And so I have taken more purposeful, conscious steps to do things which are life-giving.  They’re not big drastic changes, but little steps that I can insert into the daily juggling act, that should help carry me through every day.  And if it makes me a better person, following the logic it will help me be a better person in the five major life bubbles, parenting included. I’ve found that writing, contributing, reading and watching what’s on to be quite life-giving.

It’s a privilege to be a part of this project. is a great constant reminder of what we set out to achieve.



Join the community on Facebook Twitter, Instagram and You Tube: @bettermeph.

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.

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