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I used to like shopping in the US.  My first experience upon moving here was that the quality and the styles of some of the typical US-grown brands (which ironically are sourced and produced in Asian countries!) were much better than clothes that I would find in Manila.

And then, there was also the online shopping experience, which was the golden ticket when I was pregnant or housing a newborn (or two).  I got what I needed from the comfort of my home.

Of course, that was many moons ago, and since then Manila’s online shopping and offerings have become fairly competitive.  I did like the quality of the clothes I was seeing.  Most of my money remained in the Philippine currency anyway, and it was easy to shop and have my mom or one of my relatives bring my purchases over this way.  So I was STILL getting what I needed from the comfort of my home, just over a longer time period. 😉  Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, I’d get compliments from friends and strangers whenever I’d wear the “home-bought” clothes out.

On our last trip home to Manila, on my agenda was shopping for myself.  Our suitcases were filled with pre-wedding stuff, a ton of cookies, and gifts and pasalubong for friends and family.   I didn’t bring many clothes for myself with the intention of updating my wardrobe there.

The discovery I made then that my beautiful cousin Tessa Nieto-Villalon, opened her own clothing line called Florence Fling.

The logo you need to watch out for!

The logo you need to watch out for!

You’ve definitely seen Tessa in one commercial or another.  She’s one of the country’s fashion and face models for well-known beauty brands.

Tessa, the owner and model of Florence Fling!

Tessa, the owner and model of Florence Fling!

A few years back, Tessa left the country to pursue further education abroad.  She ended up in Europe, and fell in love with the country Florence.  And when she got back she created a line of clothing that she called — Florence Fling. 🙂

Tessa invited me and a couple of other friends to visit her newly opened branch in SM Megamall, and I had the luxury of trying on some of her items.   She oversees the design and production of all of her clothes, and models them as well on her online store.  They are easy to wear, elegant, and definitely made well!  Of course, with Tessa at the helm, the clothes are stylish and reasonably priced.

I took a few pieces back home with me (and as predicted, I got many compliments when I wore them).  They’ve also become some of my favorite travel pieces as well.

The black blouse that Tessa gave me is what I’ve been wearing each time I’d take a trip.  It’s light and comfortable, and it has that small tie at the hip so it’s not plain.

There is also a blue version of the shirt!

There is also a blue version of the blouse!

She also recommended a tropical dress which I’ve worn to Boracay and to a post-wedding reception, among other things.  It’s very easy to wear.

Very tropical, pairs well with flats or heels!

It’s great for the beach as well as for a party.  It pairs well with flats or heels!

Another one was an easy shift dress, which I also wore one casual summer day.

I think Neva of Manilamommy and I liked the same thing! ;)

I think Neva of Manilamommy and I liked the same thing! 😉  Photo credit: Manila Mommy

I opted for the beige one, seeing as how my wardrobe has turned black and grey of the last few years of motherhood (Now I understand Michael Kors and Simon Cowell and why they wear the same thing day in and day out).

There were so many different outfits that I liked too, and Tessa is constantly updating her items.  Some of them go so fast, so you need to act quickly.

The fresh look of the Florence Fling store!

The fresh look of her store!

She’s also just recently expanded and launched a Florence Fling in Davao!  Congratulations Tessa!

To Shop Florence Fling, visit their website, or visit their store located at the 2/F Bldg. A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. 

Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest too: @florencefling

Other Florence Fling Contact info: Email:, and Mobile Number: (63) 9175013564

Happy Shopping!

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