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As many of you may have surmised from some of my past blog posts (or if you’ve spoken to me directly, you may have picked it up in the not-so-subtle comments and half-meant jokes I’ve made), I’m having quite the difficult time adjusting to life back in Manila.  It’s been 10 months I know, but it’s still very much a roller coaster ride for me.  I still think about life in Chapel Hill everyday.  It’s not that one is better — or worse — than the other (well…;) ), it’s just that it’s very different for me on all fronts.  I’m reassured by moms who’ve come from similar situations (READ:  Uproot comfy life away and relocate back to crazy Manila with kids), that this is all normal.  I just need to give it time.

A lot of credit goes to the SoMoms for making the time seem to pass more quickly.   It feels easier when I’m with them as there is never a dull moment.  None.  They’ve become a constant in my weekly (daily!) routine and I’m so glad to have gotten to know them all so much better.   There are no judgements; only respect and understanding for each one’s personal stories and struggles.  And most importantly, we’re all fairly on the same page when it comes to the kind of moms we want to be to our kids, regardless if some are full-time working moms, mompreneurs, stay-at-home moms, work from home moms or a combination of all of the above.

The best part about it all is it’s genuinely fun.  We enjoy all the things that a mom or a woman in our “age bracket” would (I use the term loosely.  Maybe I should say lifestage?), like shopping and eating and hanging out with friends.  We’re moms so we babble on and on about our kids on a regular basis.  We’re all homemakers with one domestic issue or another and we can talk about it freely without apprehension.  And everyone brings their own special talent or expertise to the table.  It’s interesting to see the diverse points of views come together over each topic.

We do all agree:  At the end of the day, all we really want to be are better people.  Better moms, better co-workers, better mompreneurs, better wives.  We strive to help each other become better.  Which is why last week, as we welcomed the newest moms into the fold (including our very first SoDad Marc of Fatherland! — He is such a sport I swear, to be with moms who just yak the day away!), we launched as our group’s advocacy: #BetterMe.  It really sums up what we stand for as individuals and as a collective group of mom bloggers.  It speaks for itself.

Missing Jen of Attached at the Hip and Fleur of Mommy Fleur!

Missing Jen of Attached at the Hip and Fleur of Mommy Fleur!

We had a brunch get-together at Wine Bar in 1771 El Pueblo (In large thanks to the 1771 Group of Companies!).  The food was spectacular, that’s a given.  The venue was actually a delightful surprise.  It used to be the location of the former Sidebar, right above what used to be Chateau 1771 (Okay, I’ve just dated myself).  Now the group has strategically converted the entire property into a Cafe 1771 for a more casual, family feel; a SideBarwhich is really a strip and a bar at the side for the young, hip, working crowd; and finally the Wine Bar on the 2nd floor which caters a lot more to private events, meetings and group functions.  You can rent out the whole area or just a part of it depending on your needs.  Wine bar has this very modern but cozy feel as it is designed in bricks, old books and wine.  And when there is wine, how can you go wrong? 🙂

Great ambiance, fantastic food!  Can't go wrong! :)

Great ambiance, fantastic food! Can’t go wrong! 🙂

But I digress (How can I not – it’s Wine Bar!). 🙂   A part of the brunch was also getting to know all the members and the other hats that we all wear.  A lot of us are mompreneurs with businesses that support our passions and own personal advocacies.  Tin said that the products she distributes in her company  Thurston Hatchett, Inc. are products that she’s tried and tested and loved on her own.  Neva of Manila Baby Shop, said that they developed their bags according to the need state of their firstborn.  So as he grew, the design and the styles grew along with him.  Patty launched her Yellow Bird Shoes line (super comfy I swear!!!) because it’s always been her dream and passion to manufacture and sell comfy, well-designed and affordable shoes.   There are more; the list goes on and so I will save it for another blog post.

It was a shopping-spree, I can tell you that much!

It was a shopping-spree, I can tell you that much!

It’s very uplifting to be around the SoMoms.  And for moments of time they help me see how good life can be here as well.  It gives me something to look forward to when the roller coaster ride isn’t as fast or as bumpy.  If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to support a mother.  I kid you not:  this group really does that for me in its entirety.  More and more I’m really honored to call them friends.  They do inspire me to become the #BetterMe that I hope to be. 🙂

I hope the inspiration of becoming a #BetterMe carries through the blog posts, and works for you as well, in whichever shape or form you see fit. 🙂 

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.


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