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Our Funny Fun-Filled Valentine’s


This year’s Valentine’s Day was, I’d have to say, the “biggest” Valentine’s Day celebration I’ve ever had.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, my husband is not a believer of Valentine’s Day.  The extremely practical person that he is won’t buy flowers that are twice the price they normally would be on a regular day, or book reservations at a fancy restaurant for a romantic evening along with the rest of the world.  As he is known for saying, “Why should I celebrate Valentine’s when everyday is Valentine’s with you?”  Such a suave excuse wouldn’t you agree? (I knew that before we got married though, so I am stuck with it).  He has given in on occasion; probably three times in the last thirteen years (including last year’s much debated “free” rose that he got from the gym to give to me).  So it was a pleasant surprise to find him conceding to the Valentine’s Day activities that surrounded his girls.

The week before my husband signed himself up for the Chic Fil-A Daddy-Daughter Valentine’s Date Night.  The date was essentially free, save for the food that you needed to buy (They had to eat anyway).

My Mommyology Chic Fil-A Valentine's

Thank you cow, for the constant moo-ing in our house now.

It was kind of cute.  The he and the girls got a free photo with the precious cow (And thanks to that one-hour with the cow, Jamie can now say Moo when she sees any cow picture!), free chocolates, flowers and ice cream, and were serenaded by a guitarist throughout their dinner.  Chi Fil-A also had all these pink and red merchandise with conversation pieces that dad and daughter could use to talk about on their date.  Since I played chaffeur to the girls, I got to eat too!

He also purchased Valentine’s cards that Sam gave away to her classmates in school for their Valentine’s Day party.  Sam happily told her dad about the heart crafts and cupcakes they made, and showed him all the Valentine’s cards and treats they exchanged.

Even at her ballet class on Valentine’s, their teacher gave them a Valentine’s card instead of the usual stamp at the end of the class.  She put a bear in the middle of the room too (one that Jamie was ready to pounce on),  that the girls could dance around for their goodbye dance for the parents.

MY Mommyology Dancing Ballet

Caught in action, happily hopping around the V-day bear.

We also spent a play date at Elie’s making Valentine puppets, which again Sam took home and proudly showed her daddy.  He in turn surprised us by coming home with three pink roses, one for each of his Valentine’s girls he said.  And the best part was — he cooked dinner! 

Every night to this day my husband spends the latter part of the evening cleaning up Sam’s Valentine’s Day cards on the floor.  She looks at them everyday (and Jamie plays with them too), and also looks up at her rose, now in full bloom, claiming it as her flower from daddy.  Now he is worried that we’ve made such a big deal out of it that she might think it is a big occasion to look forward to every year.  I of course, scare him by saying that whether or not we teach her about it, there will be boys down the road who will.  And so now he says (half seriously) that his girls are only allowed to receive flowers and go on dates with him on Valentine’s.

Does that mean that from now on I’ll be getting something (flowers and dinner perhaps?) every Valentine’s Day too?

So much for not believing in Valentine’s Day I say! 😉

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.


  1. I love it! D cooking dinner! Wohoo! And that is the sweetest taking his girls out 🙂 I think having daughters changes daddies 😉 And yes, dapat si mommy din may treat 🙂 (aside from not cooking dinner! haha!)

  2. My, my, my! My funny valentine indeed! If I were there, I do not think I could wish Valentine’s day would come soon enough! 😀

    Love ya, dada D! Hehehe

  3. I think your kiddos are going to expect na something every Valentines haha 🙂 And I love your logo (both the long and short version, super cute. And how they “strategically” cover cute faces 😛

  4. What a sweet post! I have to say growing up my dad always did something for my sisters and me, along with my mother. They made a very big deal of Valentines day and I loved it!! I happened to marry a man who also celebrates the holiday, and I still love it. My husband has sent both my daughter and I flowers, he has the boys help him and it’s great. I think it’s extremely sweet that your husband celebrated the holiday with your daughters even though he doesn’t believe in it!! I bet he will come around with you too!! Great to find your site, I found you from your great guest post on Green Eggs and Mom! I’m now following you via Networked blogs!

    • I did I saw you subscribed via Networked Blogs! Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I think that’s the benefit of having three girls in the house, showering us with gifts or treats on Valentine’s becomes “mandatory”. 😉

  5. super cute. i laughed out loud at your husband’s statement that from now on he’s the only one allowed to receive flowers and go out with them on Valentine’s. ha ha ha! terror! but seriously, dads with daughters are really in for some heartbreak when the girls grow into adults! but knowing how much love he showers on them, they will never outgrow him. 🙂

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