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Play-Doh Storytelling


Play-Doh is part of our daily routine.  Sam loves it; but more than that, I encourage it because of all the benefits Play-Doh brings to the table, so to speak (Cleaning it up is a different story.  I will refer you to my OC-Mom’s post for that one!). Here is an excerpt from one of our recent sessions.  Bizarre?  Imaginative?  You be the judge.

My Mommyology Play-Doh

The Art of Play-Doh

Sam: Want to make a horse mom.  And a rabbit! (I comply and cut out a horse and rabbit shape.  She takes them and makes them face each other). Hello rabbit! (to horse). Hello horse neiiiigh! (and chants Giddy-yup Horsie, a rhyme she learned in school).  Let’s go to the playground! C’mon!  (She gets out of the chair and walks to the door.  Then she looks back at me.)  Come back mom (Meaning I should call them back).

Me:  Come back horse, come back rabbit. (Sam hops back with her two pets in hand, and squishes them together.  I am surprised.) Oh no sweetie, what happened?

Sam: Oh no!  What happened mom? (She rolls the dough in her hands) They turned into a pretzel! (then instantly grabs her pretzel cutter and presses down on the mashed horse and rabbit.  She then pretends to eat it.)

Me: (Thought bubble:  okayyyy….)What a yummy pretzel!  Mmmm, crunch crunch!

Sam: The elephant will eat the pretzel mom! (She hands me the elephant cutter.  Thought bubble:  The elephant is about to eat his fellow animals-turned-pretzel. But I make him anyway.)

Me: Who’s the elephant’s friend Sam?  He doesn’t have a friend yet.  (She pauses and looks around for another cutter, then hands it to me.  It’s a star).

Sam: It’s a star mommy!  Hi star, so happy to see you! (She waves as a star is shaped.  Thought bubble:  An elephant and a star are friends.  What a nice storybook that would make.)

Me: Hi Star!  Where do they live Sam?

Sam: In the playground!  Let’s go! (She gets up once again and heads for the door and I think to myself that this is a repeat of the horse and the rabbit turning into a pretzel.  But she comes back and sits down again after a minute or so). Hi Mommy. (She greets me again and so now I think, the elephant and the star didn’t go to the playground).

Me: Oh hello Sam!  Hello elephant!  Hello star!  Where did you come from?

Sam: The zoo!

Me: Oh wow.  What did you see at the zoo?

Sam: (Sam takes a long pause as if she’s trying to understand the question). A Kookabura!  (She breaks into song and dance with her elephant and star, with the Kookabura song).

Now mind you, we have not talked about the Kookabura or its song in a while.  That was something she learned in Kindermusik last June.

While this little story may not make sense to anyone and makes for a good laugh, doesn’t it make you wonder what goes on in those little brains of theirs, and how amazing it must be to be able to create something cohesive, yet quite unusual.

The moral of the story: If only the world were made of Play-doh...

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.


  1. I totally understand 🙂 M remembers so many things from before, even our trip to Vancouver in 2009. It would be nice to see them play together and make up stories.

  2. I can’t believe you guys actually have conversations like that already! She speaks and communicates her thoughts so well. Great thought processes too.. Genius child!

  3. M loving this!

    I think your sentiments would really be: Oh, if the world were only self-cleaning Play-Doh 😀

  4. Wow astig! It’s like a synthesis of sorts 🙂 I didn’t know playing with playdoh can be that interesting!

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