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Cute Prayers Children Say



I have made a new blog friend!  Everyone meet Anne Mercado, of Green Eggs & Moms.  We somehow “ran into each other” (online) and have been blog-mom friends since. 🙂  Anne has agreed to do me the honor and privilege of writing My Mommyology’s first guest post!  Hurray! 

I love hearing about anecdotes of kids and the things that they say.  Anne has compiled a group of prayers that kids say as told by some moms on the Smart Parenting forum and in the blogging world.   I hope you enjoy reading!


Prayers don’t have to be all serious.

Thanks to kids and their honesty even the most mundane of prayers turn into humorous stories that last a lifetime.  So, are you ready for some serious laughing? Here you go!

My Mommyology Cute Kid Praying

Photo Credit Creative Commons from avlxyz

Cute Prayers Children Say

“Jesus, please bless daddy so his t-shirt won’t get wet on his way home. Love you. Goodnight.    – 4-year old son of Mami Che prayed this while it was raining. (Smart Parenting Forums*)

“Akshto, akshto, akshto.”   – 2-year old daughter of Vaneni Liwanag would say this while her mom prays. It translates O Diyos ko (Oh, my God).

“Dear God, please take away the pimples from my mama’s face.”     – 6-year old daughter of Pepper.

“Papa Jesus, I want eggs, hot dogs, french fries, chicken, Jollibee, Mcdo. Thank you!”    – 2.5-year old daughter (Lila) of Colet Isiasa-Binauhan’s usual prayer. (Smart Parenting Forums)

“Papa God, please buy me a tricycle, okay? Amen.”      – 3-year old son (Kent Ernest) of Melanie Ella. (Smart Parenting Forums)

“Papa Jesus, thank you for today. I hope you watch over us while sleeping and hope I have a baby soon so I have someone to squeeze. Amen.”      – 3 year old niece of Rianne_Mallows. (Smart Parenting Forums)

“Mama, please tell Jesus to give us money so we can buy a baby.”    – 3-year old daughter of Thersie Marie Delos Santos from PMoments Printshop.

“Please let daddy come home so we can play with my helicopter.”  – 3-year old son of Czjai.

“Dear God, Thank you for this wonderful day. Please help me sleep well tonight and have a good day at school tomorrow. And please, if sickness is coming our way or is already on us, make it go away. OhÖand can you make mommy get some more sleep so sheís not cranky? In Jesusí name I pray, Amen.”        – 6-year old daughter (Faith) of Rosann.

Here are 2 more from OC Mom in Manila’s daughter:

Prayer 1:

M: Mama, ask God to bless the frog who missed the candy
Ocmom: Who?
M: The frog who catches the candy when you cut the rope. He’s in Dada’s iPhone.  – 3 years old (at the time)

Prayer 2:

“Dear God, please help me have good dreams tonight. Please help C and E get better. Please let me have a fun day at school. And please don’t let L’s feelings get hurt when A calls him a cuckoo bird. Amen.”  – 4-year old daughter


What about you? What cute things have your children said while praying?


*Smart Parenting Forums is a large and active forum in the Philippines. It’s a great resource for moms who have parenting questions. Also, thank you to all forum members and fellow bloggers who agreed to share these cute prayers their children say.


Green Eggs And Mom Anne Mercado is the quirky author behind Green Eggs & Moms, which offers clever tips and news to keep moms with young kids sane. When she’s not hunched over the computer working, you can find her either counting down to ten to get her kiddo to move faster, or reading a horror book. She also loves vampires and zombies.

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.


  1. Enjoyed reading your post on Green Eggs & Moms. I once heard my child praying (in front of me) ”Let not Mommy find that I threw some food into the bin” 🙂

  2. hahaha too funny! I so love the cleverness of kids.. they can be toooooo cute! 🙂

    Spanish Pinay

  3. i love the “give us money to buy a new baby” prayer hahaha.

    upon hearing my husband say that i was tired and sleepy but i still had to do so any things, my son prayed “Lord Jesus, please don’t let mommy sleep”.:-)

  4. Out of the mouths of babes. Kids say the cutest things…even while praying. Thanks for sharing their precious hearts today. 🙂


  5. I love “Oh and can you make mommy get some more sleep so sheís not cranky?” Haha! So true 🙂

  6. Ha, so cute! I wish my kids would pray that I’d get more sleep so I wouldn’t be so cranky! Wait,maybe they do! Ha!
    Great blog!
    New follower!

  7. Thanks for posting this one MyMommyology! Putting smiles on peoples’ faces is *the* absolute best!! Hope it made your day as well!

  8. Listening to my children’s prayers has always been some of my favorite times! My daughter lizzy would always ask God to bless her Barbies along with her family! I also always loved it when I was pregnant, or my sisters were pregnant and my son Tom would ask God to bless the babies in our tummies! Great post!!

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  10. soooo cute! thanks for sharing anne and mymommyology. 🙂

    i cant wait to hear our toddler say his first spontaneous and intelligible(!) prayer. 😉 nonetheless, here he is with our mealtime prayer:

  11. Kids say the cutest things! I miss being a preschool teacher!

  12. I thought Akshto was a foreign word lol! 🙂

  13. Kids are so funny. Oh, now people know I have pimples :). Correction, I USED TO have pimples, I guess God answered my daughter’s prayer 🙂

  14. Wahaha! Ang kulet ng prayers nila! Haha. Di ko maka-getover dun sa gustong magka-baby. Haha!

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