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How to Raise Children to Lose with Dignity

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My Mommyology Losing with Dignity

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When we play games with our kids, as parents it’s only natural that we let them win.  It’s our role, and everyone’s happy.  But then when you think about it, if they’re always winning, then how or when do they learn how to lose, and lose with dignity?

If you’re curious for more, hop on over to Green Eggs and Moms and read the full article (also officially known as my first full guest post!).

As I mentioned in the previous post (which is also incidentally, our first official guest post by none other than Anne of GE&M’s herself!), Anne and I have become blogging mom friends since we met online a couple of weeks ago.  She has taught me a lot and was kind enough to extend the offer to write on her blog.  Do browse around her site as I’m sure there are a lot of cool tips and bits of trivia that you can all learn from as well!  Thank you again Anne! 🙂


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  1. Aww, this is such a lovely post! 🙂 And no, thank YOU for the wonderful article you wrote! It was such a pleasure sharing your insights with our readers that we’d love nothing more than to have you over again (and again and again) haha!

    Have a wonderful weekend with the kiddos!

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