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Disney Princesses in the House


My Mommyology Disney Princesses

"Disney Princesses" franchise: great spin on Disney's part.

Okay, I’m a Disney Princess Mom.  I grew up with the Classics: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan (and The Lion King, although he’s not a princess, haha).  I even remember during recess periods in grade school my girlfriends and I would sing the different song parts depending on who was “playing” which character! (To my darling friends who were part of this fiasco once upon a time, if you read this, don’t fall off your chair laughing, and don’t deny it either.  It’s buried in your memories somewhere.)  I think I got the part of Sebastian the crab or the Genie in Aladdin or some part in the chorus, because I really couldn’t sing anyway (Well, I still can’t — although my children don’t know that and as they say, what your eardrums don’t know won’t hurt it. 😉 ) But I was always happy to relive the movies and the storylines, day in and day out with the girls.

I find that I am back to reliving them again (one of the many reasons I’m glad I have two girls!) as Sam has taken interest.  We recently got the DVD to Beauty and the Beast, something I’ve wanted to show Sam for ages since she likes singing a lot and is now at the age where she can appreciate longer plots. We watch the parts where the characters sing repeatedly. I’ve also shown her excerpts from the other Disney movies over You Tube and have resolved to slowly build our Disney Movies DVD collection (alongside the likes of Sound of Music, which I’ve already ordered off Amazon — it’s going for a special price by the way, this being it’s 45th year and all) so that they can grow up enjoying each of the different movies that I grew up with too.

Recently, Sam and I discovered Tangled together. Well, Jamie was with us too, except I turned her back to the TV since she’s only allowed to watch Your Baby Can Read until she turns 1.  Apart from it being yet another good Disney film that has climbed my list of all-time favorites, I  was thrilled to be singing the songs and reliving the scenes again as I once did; only this time, with my very own set of girls. 🙂  (Well, yes.  This time I sing all parts lead, antagonist and chorus!)

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  1. You’ve always had an ear for music. You would pick up the lyrics of a new song quickly, literally by “oido”. So, it is no surprise that Sam has taken after you and enjoys singing as well 🙂 I am sure Jamie will follow, too, given a little more time.

    As for growing up with the Disney Princesses, don’t forget, you were Grandpa’s Princess “Poto-poto”.

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  5. ohhhh…….. sweet

  6. oh…. sweet love.. hehehehehehehe… i <3 it

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