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Frozen Fever Forever (and Ever)


It’s been over a year now since Frozen, and it does not seem like this trend will die down anytime soon.

Frozen is EVERYWHERE.  On our cups, our snacks, our closets, our Lego… everywhere.  And it seems like they can’t make enough of it too.

And this isn't even half of the Frozen stuff I found in our home...

And this isn’t even half of the Frozen stuff I found in our home…

Each time we go to the Disney store (in the mall, not in the theme parks!), there is one last piece of a “newly released item” that just went the day that it hit the shelf.  The Frozen Lego set, you need to pre-order a month in advance before you get it (I’ve already ordered four for my girls and for my friends’ princesses!).  The thing is, even if my girls’ interests have moved on (to Baymax – another Disney hit — and Chima and all of that), somehow they always still go back to Frozen.

Ah-mazing.  You’ve got to hand it to Disney.  The marketeer in me is totally impressed.  They really got this one right in all aspects.  The confident, independent princess, the hilarious sidekicks, the love angle… everything.    And they weren’t worried about over-extending the use of the characters and the endorsements and licenses across categories either!  “Over $1 Billion in revenue,” says the New York Times last November.  And it’s been four months since!

Of course, they also turned half of California Adventure into a Frozen wonderland.  Yes, despite the measles outbreak, we trekked on over to see what Frozen Fun was all about.  I hear that this attraction will run until May (Again how timely of them.  Another killer strategy to drive up sales for non-peak season right before peak season starts!), and it’s fun for all members of the family.
There’s the usual meet and greet of Anna and Elsa in the animation theatre.  Of course we had to line up for the fast pass for this one too, despite the girls seeing the Arendelle princess and queen ten thousand times before.

The girls get some time to play with Anna and Elsa before their pictorial.

The girls get some time to play with Anna and Elsa before their pictorial.

They transformed that part into the interiors of the castle, so you really feel like you’re walking through the girls’ rooms.  I have to say that it was smart of Disney to move Anna and Elsa’s meet and greet to California adventure.  The marketeer in me understands the revenue generation strategy behind it (when before people could just make do with one park, now somehow you “force” them to visit both!).

Next to it, which not many people announce, is the Animation Academy which teaches you how to draw Olaf.  Sam wanted to do it too, except we were out of time.  I assume we will come back.

Learn how to draw the world's most lovable snowman.

Learn how to draw the world’s most lovable snowman.

The bigger thrill for them was meeting Olaf, and getting those warm hugs.

He's pretty cute, I will admit.

He’s pretty cute, I will admit.

It’s a 90 minute wait I tell you.  At least they give you a buzzer so you don’t have to stand in line the whole time.
They have the section called “Olaf’s Snowfest”, where the kids can play in fake snow (read:  slippery crushed ice!), ride down a sled, and eat and buy Frozen things.

Remember when Elsa turned the fountain into ice?  Yup.  It's there.

Remember when Elsa turned the fountain into ice? Yup. It’s there.

That whole section is pretty chilly and branded really well, down to the last cookie.  It really looks like you’re in Arendelle when it’s frozen over.

Found inside Olaf's Snowfest.

Found inside Olaf’s Snowfest.

And speaking of selling, there is an actual Wandering Oaks Trading Post with all the Frozen merchandise.  Goodness me.  I almost bought from there, just because it was the Wandering Oaks Trading Post! (Yes, I am a sucker for these things).

Big Summer Blowout, anyone?

Big Summer Blowout, anyone?

For the older kids and family members, they have what they call the Freeze the Night Dance party.  We didn’t stay to do that though, but the merchandising of it all was of Marshmallow, the Frozen Monster.

Then there’s a Frozen sing-a-long (which also requires the Fast Pass).  Basically, you sit in the theatre and watch parts of the movie where they sing along with some other fictional characters of Arendelle.  Anna, Elsa and Kristoff take the stage too at different times.  My husband and I weren’t too thrilled with this one, although every kid in the room loved it.  I think we expected more, quite honestly.  Actually I’d loved to meet and greet Grand Pabbie.  That’s another spin on something they could do, because who doesn’t love those trolls?

Back over at Disneyland, Anna and Elsa are still very much present in the parade.  The Royal Theatre which features various plays, now has the Frozen story playing.  It’s quite the fun set-up.  You don’t get to meet and greet the characters though (man, Disney is SMART!).

And just when you think they couldn’t stretch the Frozen brand any further for the summer, out they come with their first Frozen short, Frozen Fever.  It’s said to debut will be out at the same time the new Cinderella movie shows in March.  Of course, we already have cinema tickets to use for that date.

The more I live here, the more I become a Disney fan.  And because we’re always in the theme parks (you’d think the girls would be over and done with it by now?  Nope.), I’ve started to notice these small details that they put so much thought into.  Frozen is of course no exception.

The ceiling is the iconic magical snowflake from Elsa.

The ceiling is the iconic magical snowflake from Elsa.

It’s brands and sub-brands are a dream to have (as a consumer), but I can only imagine the nightmare behind the scenes, but, I assume, all worth it in the end.

So what’s next, Disney?  What’s next for Frozen?  Bring it on, we’re waiting.  Everyone is.

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  1. Personally, I didn’t get what the fuss was about “Frozen”. When I watched it, yun na ba yung kinababaliwan ng mga bata? I actually enjoyed “Brave” more. But anyways, there must’ve been something about the movie that got kids sooooo hooked.

    I’m pretty loyal to ABC, which is owned by Disney. And I am amazed how they still use a LOT of cross marketing of “Frozen” within the shows. You get a LOT of mentions in “The View” just because Rosie O’Donnell is a huge fan.

    I am hoping that the new Disney movie would trump “Frozen”, but based on the trailer of “Inside Out”, I think it will appeal more to adults than kids?

    Pero LET IT GO na please. LOL.

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