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Children’s Clothing: Is it for Mom or for Baby?


My Mommyology - Children's Clothing

I will admit. This is how I store my kids' clothes too!

I was putting away some old baby clothes and shoes the other day in neat piles according to size (we’ve had about 2 years’ worth).  A friend was watching me half buried under an open suitcase with clothes all over the floor.  He said, “how can someone so little have that much clothing?!”
So I thought about it, in my own My Mommyology way… and here’s what I came up with:

1)  Mommies used to be girls who loved to play dress-up.  And babies are real live, super cute dolls we can dress!

2) Mommies are girls and by nature girls love to shop.  We know the value of shopping, too. Our children simply CAN’T wear the same things all the time!  (When I told my mom my 2nd girl could wear old clothes my mom said, “well, she can’t own ALL hand-me-downs!”  and that was that).

3) Yes yes yes, they outgrow their clothes at lightning speed, BUT – you also have to consider the changing seasons, a big factor in a country like the US.  It’s not so much the case in Manila, but hey, it’s a trendy nation anyway and we take clothes and brands of all seasons, right?

4) In your “denial” to buy new clothes, you will accept hand-me-downs from those who’ve had kids that have come before yours, so that you won’t have to buy.  But does that REALLY stop you?

5) Of course, clothes from babyGap, The Children’s Place, Gymboree, and the like, always have new fashion out. OH!  They are always on sale.  So you buy some now, and some bigger sized ones that they can use later on (It is affordable after all.  $5 tops with additional discounts?  Those are Greenhills prices!), and then you forget you’ve bought later on and end up buying again…  You catch my drift.

6) Plus!  They have coupons you can use at a later date as well as discounts and rewards points… you can’t let those go to waste now can you?  Make every opportunity count I say!

7)  Baby clothes are the easiest to give as gifts.  So while you buy, you also get a ton of them (I’m not complaining by the way).

Then comes baby #2, and woopee!  It’s another girl! She can use her sister’s old clothes (since not many of them were worn more than twice in the first place), but…

8 ) See side note to #2

9) What if she was born in a different season from baby #1?  For instance, if big sister was born at the beginning of winter, the first few months of clothing will be long-sleeves and faux fur, thicker onesies and caps, boots and mittens.  Now little sister is expected to arrive at the beginning of spring.  So already, the wardrobe sizes are 3 months off-schedule, it will either be too big or too warm for her to wear.  Maybe some pieces can be used, but that just messes up the sorting and piling and you have to do it all over again!  Save yourself the hassle and just buy new clothes.

10)  How can you not love matching outfits?!

Matching outfits

How can you resist?

So there is such a thing as retail therapy for moms.  Kids well, they will go along with the shopping and not complain.

It’s a win-win situation — except for the moment when Daddy discovers the credit card bill.  But it’s all forgotten and forgiven when he sees how cute and fashionable they look in their outfits!  By then, it is a lost cause. 🙂

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.


  1. Hilarious! I love point #9 BTW! Hahahahaha!

  2. I’m always tempted to buy clothes whenever Gap sends me an email on a sale – and I’ve given in a lot! To think I live in the Philippines! I am amazed at your willpower.

    The two girls in matching outfits will be so cute. I can hear your husband’s thoughts now …

    • I am drowning out husband’s thoughts — not my concern, for as long as the credit card swipes thru!
      And we’re Gap-Banana Rep loyalists so you can order through us, hahaha! We get points!

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