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I don't want much. Hint hint! 😉

Tomorrow is my husband’s and my 6th year wedding anniversary (Really?!  Already?!  Note to Dad: If you are reading this and I’m sure you are even if you deny it to the highest heavens – consider this your gentle reminder. ;)).

My husband and I were best friends for half of our college days and have actually been dating for the past 12 years (Good LORD!).  You’d have to admit, after all the occasions it gets progressively hard to give each other gifts as the years go by.  Most husbands give their wives clothes, jewelry, shoes, flowers and chocolates and all that jazz…  but then again, my husband isn’t like “most” (and I think he prides himself in being so!).  He is what I would call, the practical gift-giver.  Everything has to be of good value, with a long-term purpose and most definitely, utilitarian.  In fond memory of all the years we’ve spent together, here are some examples for your amusement (see if anything on your list can top it!):

  • One Christmas before we were married I received a water heater as a present (Who gets a water heater from their boyfriend?!). And as an added bonus he even installed it himself!
My Mommyology Anniversary Gift

Haven't you heard, this was rated as part of the "top ten gifts to give your wife on your anniversary". 😉

  • Another birthday after that I received a TV system for my room.  I didn’t have one at the time and we were always trekking into the family room to watch shows when he’d come over to visit after work.  I thought, wow what a grand gift!  But then as it turned out, when we finally got married and moved into a place of our own, the TV came with us (and so did the shower heater, mind you).  He considered the gift an early investment on his part.  Smart thinking?  Forward planning?
  • For our anniversary two years ago he got me a dustbuster.  Yes, you read right.  It was so that I wouldn’t have to wait for him to vacuum every other week and I could easily clean up Sam’s little messes as they happened, he said.  Ergo, he was making me more efficient.
  • A few years ago for Valentine’s Day (note: he does not believe in Valentine’s Day.  I quote “Why celebrate when everyday with you is Valentine’s Day?!” — Ha!  Friends who know him and have heard him say this literally roll over laughing), I got an ID clip.  It had all these fancy hearts and pearls on it.  He made such a show of it by giving it to me at work, that our marketing assistant tried very hard to contain her bewildered, amused confusion.  Apparently there was a Valentine’s fair at his office and his colleague was selling these accessorized ID holders which she coerced him to buy as a show of support.  Well… it’s the thought that counts.

While I have received my share of beautiful bouquets, I can actually count the times with my fingers when he purchased them.  Last Valentine’s Day he came home from work with a single red rose much to my surprise (because as he says, he’s “trained” me not to expect anything on Valentine’s!).  He was so pleased with himself, until I asked, “So, were they giving out roses at the gym today?”  At which point he gave the obviously “guilty but trying to be innocent” look and ducked into the kitchen to smother his giggles.

There were of course the nice presents too such as getaway trips and even a few pieces of jewelry (Although I hear that I have my mother-in-law to thank for heavily encouraging him to get them for me!).  There were even the occasional “service gifts” of attempting to make my favorite Mango Crepe dessert, and allowing me to sleep in on Mother’s Day which I definitely enjoy; and lately those little acts of service are what I’ve come to look forward to the most!  Plus, they are technically free, so it’s a win-win situation!

Trust my husband to pull of such “unique” practical gift ideas and pass them off as sweet, thoughtful and charming.  It is a talent he has.  I can’t complain really.  It’s one way to keep our marriage interesting.  And after all he was probably only reading the fineprint from our vows (didn’t you see it in yours?):

“In free roses and ID clips, through water heaters and dustbusters, until winning lotto tickets do us part.”  Aha!  Now I know what comes next. 😉

Happy Anniversary Dad!  Keep putting the U in “FUN”. 😉

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  1. Please tell him that it’s better to put money in gold and diamonds now than in stocks so he should take this opportunity!

  2. Hahahahaha! This one cracked me up! Pau and I were just talking and he mentioned that D once gave you bedroom slippers for Christmas or something??? Hahahaha! But does it run in the family that they have that line: “Why celebrate when everyday with you is a ?” Haha! But by the looks of it, mukhang “acts of service” ang language of love ni D! Ok na rin! 🙂 Happy anniversary to you guys!

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