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The Pirate and the Pooh


Let us state for the record that this is probably the busiest Halloween I’ve ever experienced in all my three years as a mother.   A whole bunch of activities and events contributed to this weekend’s back aches and lack of sleep,  but the most taxing part of it all was the fact that both girls have been sick at home and stuck with me all of last week; something, I will admit, I am not used to anymore.  I plan to feature our hectic schedule in a succeeding post, but for now, in the spirit of Halloween, let us focus on what the girls wanted to be for the season.


Up until we went costume shopping, Sam could not decide what she wanted to dress up as.

Okay… that’s not entirely true.  Let’s back up a second.  Sam said that she wanted to be Millie, from her new favorite Nick Jr. show Team Umizoomi.  Here’s the thing:  there was no ready-made Millie costume to begin with.  Now if OCMominManila were here, that would have been the kind of costume project she would have taken on and won an award for (like she has been for the past 5 years with her daughter M, and now with her newborn N!).  I am many things, but a costume-making mom is definitely not one of them.  My kids can be any ready-made costume persona they want; or they make their own costumes.  That’s the rule.

When we finally went costume shopping, Sam went wild with all the options.  She still could not pick just one.  Finally she decided on a princess outfit but picked out two, the other one for her best friend Elie.  At that point I informed her that Elie already had a costume, she was going to be a pirate.  So she changed her mind because she wanted to be a pirate too — like Elie.

My Mommyology picking a costume

Making the difficult choice...

Now I will have you know, that Sam has never really fully grasped the concept of a pirate before.  Apart from a few cameos on Sesame Street or Team Umizoomi, we’ve never really talked about pirates up until that day.  And yet that was what she wanted to be, and nothing could change her mind.  We added a plastic sword to the ensemble (I never thought I would ever buy my girls weapons as toys, but here we are).

After that it was “pirate this and pirate that”; and we even bought a Pirate book at the book fair.  Today she is fully pirate-icized.  Mostly though, she and Elie love the idea that they are pirates together and they do make a cute Halloween duo.


As for Jamie, I did want to get her a genuine costume of her own this Halloween.  I was looking for something that would go in tandem with Sam’s pirate costume, like a parrot as Helene suggested, or some sort of pirate treasure.   My highly practical husband though gave me a million and one reasons not to.  She won’t remember it; she’s too young; is it for more for you or for her? and Sam used her pooh costume once, I think it’s still usable again.  I had no sufficient rebuttal, thus ending our debate on what Jamie-boo (fond nickname) would be for this particular Halloween.

I can’t really complain:  the Pooh costume served its purpose, particularly when we were out and about in the cold weather.  That’s beside the fact that Jamie just does look cute in it.  It’s still slightly big (the sizing is for a 12-month old baby), but she’s not drowning in it either.  So Pooh-boo she was.  It was kind of funny too because the costume has a fake tummy and so Jamie had trouble rolling over onto her tummy.  But when she finally made it, she looked like she was swimming and kicking in mid-air.  It was very cute.

The Pirate and the Pooh does have a nice ring to it anyway.  And all for both girls’ first full fledged trick or treat Halloween weekend too! (watch out for it in my next post!)

Happy Halloween!


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  1. Awwww!!! Sounds like so much fun!!!

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