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A Treat-Packed Halloween Weekend


Who ever thought a toddler’s social life could be so hectic?   It was just this last weekend too, which as we know, is a big deal here in the U.S, more than I’ve ever experienced it back home in Manila.  It’s as if everyone has one activity or the other for the kids — and their families of course.

First, there was a costume party at the ballet school where the girls dress up and were asked to bring a friend to class.  Naturally, Sam picked Elie as her “bring a friend” pal, so the two pirates made for a happy, twirling, dancing pair.

My Mommyology Costumes at Ballet

The pirates engrossed in the next ballet movement discussion.

It turned out to be a pretty good class too, and again thanks to Elie, Sam lost all sense of shyness and self-consciousness.  Unlike the previous classes, Sam didn’t complain when the parents came in.  She danced (well, tiptoed — but that’s a start!) for me, AND took a bow with the rest of the class!  I had to take a picture just in case this was a one-shot deal.

My Mommyology Bowing in Ballet

Must. Capture. Moment!

Afterwards we headed home for a pirate power nap, and then headed off to another costume party with another group of friends.  We got Jamie to dress up in her Pooh outfit too.  Towards the end of the evening though both girls were trying to tear their costumes off their bodies (I suppose being a pirate the entire day can wear thin and the Pooh outfit was hot…), so we weren’t able to get too many good pictures.

The following day, we partook of the circus-themed birthday party of Sam’s friend Julia.  What an awesome party it was too!  Every little detail was in-theme, down to the cotton candy maker and the red and white striped big top motif.  To Sam’s wide-eyed delight, guess who provided the main attraction for entertainment?

My Mommyology balloon man

A private personal show from Mr. Frankie!

Daddy (well more accurately, daddy’s wallet) was quite delighted as well, as Frankie the balloonist handed out at least 2 sets to each child in attendance, and so Sam got her fill of balloon treats — apart from cake, ice cream and cotton candy that is.  Talk about a sugar high!  It was all good though, she had a grand time.  Happy Birthday Ate Julia! 🙂

Finally, on the actual Halloween night, Sam donned her pirate outfit once again (I claim that we have fully depreciated the Pirate look by now) and we headed over to join Elie and their family for our very first Trick or Treat experience.  The past two years, my husband and I felt that Sam was too young to appreciate going door to door and collecting candy, so her two previous experiences were limited to dress-up playdates.

My Mommyology Trick or Treat

Yup. That's my pirate in the green frog jacket.

Last Monday though she showed no sign of inexperience.  Neither rain nor cold could stop her from heading out the door and in fact, she was constantly trying to walk ahead of everyone else (without really knowing which way we were going).  She didn’t even bother to look back and check to see where I was (or if I was chasing after her with an umbrella).  Instead she marched right up the street and onto the neighbor’s house, rang the doorbell and stuck out her pumpkin to receive candy.  At one house, when they handed her a Milky Way bar and she caught a peek at what was in the candy loot, she looked at the host and said, “I want Kittie-Kat.”  I tell you, my child has no shame!

After 4 houses she said she was done and she wanted to eat her candy.  After we got out of the rain and the cold, she, Elie and Elie’s cousin Vivian bunkered down and each one had a small pouch of M&M’s to start their dinner.  Sam devoured hers instantly — I have never seen her sit so still and just put one M&M in her mouth after the other.  Then when we got home to her daddy to show him the loot, she somehow convinced him to take her trick-or-treating in another neighboring village and she also got away with another request for a KitKat bar.  Yet, in spite of all that sugar, she fell fast asleep without a hitch; her last mumbled words were that she had fun trick-or-treating, and seeing Mr. Frankie and dancing ballet with Elie, among all the other little memories she had made over the past few days.  I guess all that chocolate was no match for the excitement and the thrill of the weekend’s activities!

Later that night as I drifted off into my own exhausted slumber, I realized that it was my first trick-or-treat experience as a mom too.  I had always taken my siblings and younger cousins trick or treating in the past, but I’d have to say it is different and amusing to see your own child do it for the first time.  Granted how shy and self-conscious Sam can be in certain situations, I was surprised and pleased to see her bravely taking on this new adventure so independently.  It hit me then and there that in approximately 4 weeks’ time, she would be another year older and yet, it feels like so much time has passed and she’s already accomplished so much since the day she was born. 

It’s all flying by so fast!  I can only imagine that as she gets older, her social life will just get busier.  Naturally, with Jamie growing into a toddler herself, my daily schedule will only become more exhausting, a lot more challenging, and more than anything, a whole lot more fun!

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  1. i love that pirate costume you got for sam! it fits so well and looks so fun! and what a busy but full halloween weekend you’ve had.

    and i totally know what you mean about it being such a big thing here. at the halloween party we attended, even the parents and pets were in costume! turns out they spent close to $7B in halloween stuff here in the US just for this year! unbelievable.

    as for the party, kudos and thanks go out to you for introducing me to frankie and to the reasonably-priced but yummy sheet cake, not to mention all the help. i’m super happy that i remembered to ask you first! you are a font of mommy wisdom! thanks again!

    • I know! In all the parties that I attend, I am always the lone mommy who is not in costume. Haha. My excuse of dressing as “the exhausted mother” is also wearing thin.
      You’re welcome! Glad we could help as always! Sam had so much fun!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Wish we were there! Haha! Oh yes, Sam is celebrating her birthday soon! How time flies!!!

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