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Color Accent Cameras


One of the first items that my husband and I owned as a married couple was our Canon IXUS 800 digital camera.

My Mommyology Camera

Trusty Travel Pal.

We took it with us on practically every trip we’ve been on; and it has survived the Eurail, various Asian countries, Australia and now Chapel Hill.  We hadn’t used it much since 2009 as my Christmas gift to my husband was a DSLR camera, but we still kept the digital camera on hand just in case.  We figure that Sam and Jamie could have some fun with it when they’re older.  Well, Sam has already gotten her hands on it and taken random pictures every once in a while, and has in fact dropped it on its head.  Thankfully it’s still alive.

On our most recent Pumpkin Patch excursion, both my husband and I failed to charge the DSLR battery and clear the memory stick, so as a last minute decision he pulled out the trusty Canon.  It was perfect timing too because the color accent function is prettiest during the fall season where you can highlight certain colors in a black and white photo.  The total picture resolution is much lower than a normal picture in full color, and so a lot of the times if you’re not careful or you don’t have an incredibly steady hand then the entire picture can come out blurry.

My Mommyology Color Accent

Now... doesn't this shot look familiar? Click on the picture to see -- Same scenario, different setting.

Even so, it is a fun piece of equipment to have on hand and to play with.  Sam enjoys seeing just her clothes stand out or the colors around her come to life with just one color.

I can’t wait until fall in Chapel Hill comes into full swing, colors-wise.  Those make for beautiful accent pictures for the kids to enjoy years down the road. 🙂

I hope our Canon lasts us another 10 more years at least.  We definitely have a lot of places in mind as to where it still could tag along.

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