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Why I Love Matching Outfits: Let Me Count the Ways


My Mommyology matching outfits

You know their my kids when...

I’d have to say, there’s something more to matching outfits than having just aesthetically cute sisters.  I kid you not.  Here are some of my most recent discoveries (and thank you to moms of multiples with two kids of the same gender, who have chimed in):

They are too cute.  Okay fine.  That is the most obvious reason of course.  Everyone who sees siblings in matching or coordinated outfits coo inadvertently.  They are cute right?   When one is in pink and the other is in purple, or one’s top matches the others’ bottom, how can you go wrong?  Maybe when they’re older they’ll hate me for it, but for now they also do seem to like it (Well, they don’t really have much of a choice you see).

There is less of a reason to fight.  If they look the same, then one does not have to be envious about what the other is wearing.  It keeps the peace, it keeps the sanity… it does wonders!  My friend says her twins will want the same thing but in different colors.  Sam as well loves it when she and Jamie wear the same thing.  “I want to wear matching with Jamie Mom!” she’ll say to me when I get them dressed.  And then of course, they’ll happily pose for pictures.

It adds to the memories.  Doesn’t it make the over-all look and feel of the photo better and worth putting in a frame?  Then it’s only mom and dad’s clothes that we have to worry about to make sure it compliments the entire shot.  Framed or not, any kind of matching outfit photo is a keeper.

It’s much easier to pack for trips.  My most recent discovery when I packed for our D.C. trip.

They stand out in a crowd.  It’s not just that they are eye-catching, but I find that it is easier to spot two of a kind than two kids dressed differently.  Your mind zeroes in on what they’re wearing.  So it is also a security reason and it helps me keep track of my girls in crowded places.

It makes shopping trips easier.  This is most especially true when you’re in a mad rush of a sale and have competition for sizes and styles.  Eliminate one factor; choose the same style in two different sizes.  Finito!

It silences the husband. 🙂  The practical man that he is does not understand why I need to get Jamie new clothes when she can wear all of Sam’s old ones.  But once he sees them all happy and cute-looking, he chooses to just smile and allows us to carry on.  At least temporarily, the credit card bill is forgotten. 😉

Do you have a reason you’d like to add?  I’d love to hear it!

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  1. Hahahaha! This is a cute piece 🙂 Oo nga noh, it has its practicalities!

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