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Six months!  Oh my goodness!

How did that all happen so fast?  Time does fly.  Jamie is officially halfway to her first birthday.  And somehow, I have (so far!) survived caring for two children.

Veteran moms of two have told me that it does get easier once you hit the 6-month mark, and though we have only reached that particular milestone just recently, I am already getting a glimpse of what they are talking about.  It is a lot of work, I won’t deny that — but it is also a lot of fun.  And all credit goes to both girls and how they are such loving sisters to each other.  I kid you not, I don’t know how I’d survive if they didn’t get along!

Sam is adorably amazing as a big sister.  She is constantly kissing Jamie (clean or dirty she does not discriminate) and hugging her, and is always looking for her when she’s not with me.  She does not seem to mind that she has to share me with Jamie and in fact sometimes, would prefer it just be the two of them without me in the picture.  When they sleep together, Sam is always reaching to hold Jamie’s hand, or attempting to pat her to sleep.  She’s very considerate too.  There are a few toys that Sam would rather Jamie not touch and she says so; but in general Ate (big sister) has no qualms sharing her toys.  She is also such a mommy’s little helper, getting a blanket for Jamie, or helping me put Jamie to sleep.

Sam is the only one who can make Jamie laugh the way she does.

Jamie loves her Ate and I truly believe that she thinks Sam is the most delightful thing in the world.  She always lights up when Sam comes bounding towards her, and turns towards Sam’s voice regardless of what she’s doing.  In the car when Jamie won’t stop crying, Sam will shout above the noise, “Jamie!  Stop crying!”  over and over until Jamie will quiet down.  They take a bath together and play together too — well Sam plays with all the toys while Jamie looks on, but it is always in front of her.  Sam “offers” Jamie a choice of what to play with and doesn’t really speak for her like older siblings would, but asks her what it is she prefers (and then pretends to wait for an answer).  Even when we play “I Spy”, Sam gives Jamie a turn, which is remarkable for someone who is supposed to just be learning how to share and take turns.

I taught Sam to include Jamie in the conversation and to explain what it is she’s doing all the time, so Jamie learns from her.  There are times when I’d catch Sam talking to Jamie, telling her little sister about her day and what she did. I believe Jamie understands what’s going on around her, she just hasn’t been able to formulate the words to reply yet, and hopefully listening to her Ate will make it easier for her in the near future.

I am quite lucky and thankful my girls are the way they are with each other.  Granted that Sam still has her tantrums and occasionally wants my undivided attention and affection, it isn’t so much of a problem than it is just a normal thing for her to go through at her age.  Jamie in turn is amicable and patient, and (I feel) knows the instances when she has to wait for me to finish up with her sister, before I can get to her. There is hardly an instance when she cries and frets for long.  It must really be her personality (thank heavens too if that is the case!).

When I watch them together I catch myself thinking happy thoughts of years into the future and how they’ll be with each other.  Hopefully it will only get better. 🙂

My Mommyology Sisters

This is how they watch TV and nurse at the same time. 🙂

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.


  1. So sweet! And inspiring 🙂

  2. AWWWWWWW!!!! So sweet 🙂

  3. awww, M is the same way with N – kissing, hugging, smiling. We are blessed with having 2 girls =)

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