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My Mommyology Mommy's Little Helper

Hmmm. I wonder how she'd feel about doing the bathrooms next.

I want to clean the kitchen Mama!”

I think she thinks cleaning the house (or at least trying to clean the house) is a fun activity. She loves to participate when I do the laundry or cook our meals. Lately, surprisingly, she doesn’t put up a struggle when I ask her to clean up her toys. She even sings various “clean-up” songs that she’s learned from school and Gymboree.

And why not right? Why should I stop her? For one, it is again bonding time for us both. She also learns things she won’t necessarily learn anywhere else. She can definitely use these skills in the future. At least I won’t worry because I know she can be self-sufficient and take care of herself when she’s on her own.
Also, and most importantly as she is a girl, at least I know she can’t stand to be dirty. If it’s not the kitchen mop, she will help herself to a wet wipe or two and clean up the messy area. Then she’ll go on to start scrubbing or cleaning other surfaces too. Most of the time she’ll do it without prompting.

Ahhh, yes. The makings of a little OC child. I couldn’t ask for more.

Well… maybe in a few months Jamie can learn how to vaccuum…. 😉

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  1. Hahahahaha! Sammie is such a cuuutie! Mas nagiging cute ang bata kung matulungin! 😉

    I remember being kid (a bit older than Sam) and telling my mom I want to be a maid. Why not? Hahaha! And I have pictures sweeping the floor… And now that you brought it up… looks like an idea for training kids! Actually have you seen Junior Masterchef Australia? Or Family Cooking Wards (or something like it?) on TLC? After cleaning, cooking naman! Hahahaha!

    Move over Your Baby Can Read! Here is Your Toddler Can Clean! Woohoo! 🙂

  2. My 2 yo son has been wanting to clean too! When he sees the maid cleaning, he’ll run to her and get the “bunot” and twist away nevermind if he was watching his favorite cartoon. Then when he gets tired he grabs the broom from her which horrifies me coz I feel that it’s so dirty!

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