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My Mommyology Recommends: Good Safety Ad to Watch


I’d have to say this video hit home in a good, funny kind of way.

Mostly because, I am that mom — who tugs at the seatbelt until it’s too tight, who desanitizes to no end, who bundles them up from head to toe until they can’t walk or see anymore. ( and I agree, the floaters in the tub — it’s the kind of thing dad will do! haha)

And I do have an iPhone to keep me company wherever I go. (Side note: love love love the iPhone by the way) Seriously, you can never be too careful.

It’s never enough of a reminder too, especially in this day and age when everyone has some sort of touch gadget that takes their eyes off the road. We can always say, “it’s just this once”, but you never know. Once is all it takes. You don’t want it to happen to you ever, even just “once”.

Then again, I don’t even have my phone with me when I get to the car, as lately it is lost in the hands of my toddler — who will use it to watch Dora on our way to anywhere.

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.


  1. Good that you shared this safety ad, and wrote this article.
    All it takes is to miss out on one second, to have a lifetime of regret.

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