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Finally, Her Own Shoes!


I love matching outfits.  I’ve written several posts about them in the past.  Despite the volume of clothes that Sam has which Jamie can inherit… for me the girls need to dress the same every now and then.  It’s part of growing up, right? 😉

But when it comes to shoes, I never really bought Jamie her own pair.  She received a few on her birthday, but the rest of the time, she’s just lived off Sam’s old ones.   I just felt Sam had enough good ones to get us by; besides, they outgrow the size in a period of 3 months if I’m lucky.  There’s still so much wear in them left.  Before we left Chapel Hill, I did weed out a few of the really worn out ones; the ones Sam used for Summer Camp where the mud never came off, or the ones she wore literally everyday and the poor soles were just worn down to the ground!  There were also a few winter ones which didn’t make sense to bring back to a tropical country.

All was fine until one day I decided it was time to weed out some of the pairs that were getting tight (I’ve always been told never to let the big toes touch the tip).  When I saw what was left — we were stuck with one pair of shoes and her beach slippers (which she couldn’t really wear to school).  Eeeep!  Jamie lacked shoes!  Of all the million pairs of shoes Sam went through, there was none left that could fit her now.  Everything else was too big still.  Now while I don’t believe in having too many pairs (because they outgrow them so fast), I think one is a little too little – just for practical purposes.  What if it gets wet or dirty and doesn’t dry in time?

So Jamie finally needed shoes.  And as fate (and social media) would have it, Christine Tan of Lemon Myrtle invited the SoMoms to the launch Walnut – the comfortable and stylish kids’ shoe brand from Melbourne Australia.

Shoes grow on trees too? ;)

Shoes grow on trees too? 😉

I took Jamie with me for a shoe-shopping date to meet Christine and see the different styles that Walnut had to offer.

SoMoms + Shoes + Shopping = Success! ;)

SoMoms + Shoes + Shopping = Success! 😉  And as you can see, Jamie fits right into it all!

They have some cute ballerina flats and comfortable Mary Janes in different colors and designs.  For the boys it’s the classic canvas and sneaks, also in very chic colors and designs.  The upper parts are made of 100% cotton and they’re easy for the kids to wear.  Jamie can actually get in and out of them on her own.  I picked a fairly basic color so that it could be versatile enough to wear with most of Jamie’s current wardrobe.

Best of all they’re lightweight, durable and comfortable.  Jamie really chooses to wear them everywhere — with anything!

Anywhere, Everywhere and all the time!

As you can see, she’s literally been everywhere in them.

I think that’s the truest test of comfort, and my kids are very picky about how the shoes feel on their feet!

I went ahead and got Jamie a pair of sparkly ballerina flats too (at her bidding as well – my daughter loves to shop!).  They were a tad bit big but at least she has something sparkly to grow into.  For now she just wears them around the house.

The sparkly pink ballerina flats!  Also very comfy.

The sparkly pink ballerina flats! Also very comfy.

Walnut carries sizes 23 up to 36, which technically can fit the foot of an adult!  #SoMoms Neva and Conci tried them on and they fit! 😉

And speaking of matching, the girls got their first pair of matching shoes from Walnut!!

Technically their first pair of matching shoes!

Technically their first pair of matching shoes!

It’ll take a few more months to grow into, but I can’t wait to see what outfits they can wear with these babies. 🙂  I’m still a sucker for matching stuff.  Hehe.

Walnut is available in Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-la and Alabang, and in Shoe Thing branches at Greenbelt 5, TriNoma, Eastwood Mall, Bonifacio High Street, and Lucky Chinatown. 

Find them on Twitter and Instagram at @walnutPH.


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