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This is the story my husband tells everyone.

When Sam was born, we weren’t even 6 minutes settled into our room after delivery, and I was already on the computer shopping online for my little girl.  The nine months leading up to her birth, we couldn’t confirm her gender.  Not knowing was pure torture for me, but my husband says, it was the perfect reason to keep me from going baby shopping crazy (Don’t all of us moms have that?  We love to shop for our kids!).  Well the minute Sam cried and the midwife exclaimed, “you have a daughter!”  we both knew all his virtual savings were cut along with the umbilical cord (Probably that’s why he cried?  I don’t know. 😉 ).

If there’s one thing I’m grateful for about our Chapel Hill stay, it’s that I learned to shop online.  It is the easiest, most convenient and most efficient way to get things done, especially when it comes to the girls.  Everything from necessities to books and toys, and even down to their clothes, I got those done while the girls napped in the afternoon, or were down for their long sleep at night.

And of course… what can I say?  Dressing up girls is fun! 🙂  I just can’t help myself, heehee. 😉  There are a lot of nice clothes for little girls too, both locally and internationally.  Some really good quality brands of girls’ clothing are still not available here — which is why it’s such a wonderful thing that Mitshi Rodriguez decided to put up an online shop from her hometown in Boston to service moms in the Philippines.

Chichi Mary come to me! ;)

Chichi Mary come to me! 😉

Chichi Mary was born out of Mitshi’s love for fashion and shopping.  The granddaughter of one of the Philippines’ most famous designers, Mitshi decided to put up her own business when she became a mom to her little girl Mary.  Chichi Mary is an online boutique that offers designer children’s wear from all over the globe.   There’s Sophie Catalou from Barcelona, Nohi Kids from California, Me Too from Denmark and Stella Cove from Sweden, just to name a few.

Fashionable Sam.  She loves her clothes from Chichi Mary!

Fashionable Sam. She loves her clothes from Chichi Mary!

For their Fall collection, Chichi Mary just introduced Bleu Comme Gris from Paris, Siaomimi from Hong Kong, Petit Lem from Montreal, and Biscotti and Kate Mack from California.  The clothes are so adorable, if I may say so!  It makes me miss fall. 🙂

Sam has this exact outfit too, but it's still too big for her. :)  This kid is cute though!

Sam has this exact outfit too, but it’s still too big for her. 🙂 This kid is cute though! (Photo courtesy of Mitshi Rodriguez).

All of the designer clothes on the Chichi Mary site have the quality of its fabrics as its main advantage.  The dresses are made with premium cotton and are treated to achieve the maximum softness.  I know it’s true because the first thing Sam says when she puts on her Chichi Mary clothes is that it’s so soft.  They’re very light and easy to wear too, quite suitable for tropical Philippine weather.  I don’t hear any complaints about sweat or itching, even after they’ve been washed several times.  The quality of the dresses and the vibrancy of the colors, stay!

Love love love this one too from Siaomimi!

Love love love this one too from Siaomimi! (Photo courtesy of Mitshi Rodriguez)

Mitshi offers the convenience of shopping for fashionable clothes online without the costs of international shipping or the waiting time done when folks have to wait to travel before they can buy it (or have someone bring it home for them).  The Chichi Mary customer service is wonderful!  They are quick, efficient and professional.  Upon placing your order on the website (which is so easy to navigate by the way), expect your package to arrive in 1-2 days’ time for Metro Manila, and 2-4 days for VisMin.  If you have questions, problems or returns, you can easily call their customer hotline and someone will respond to whatever your request is immediately.  Of all the things that are important to an online shopping site, it’s customer service and Chichi Mary knows this.

I’m excited to see what Chichi Mary has in store next.  Mitshi was just at a children’s fashion trade show (I know, I follow her Instagram account!), and so I’m sure there’s so much more in store in the seasons to come!  In the meantime, I must think of an excuse to shop Chichi Mary again! 😉

Chichi Mary Contact info:  • Telephone: +632-788-1742 • Email: • Website:

Find them on Facebook and Instagram:  chichimaryboutique

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