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Monitor your Life, with LIFE

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Last Mother’s Day, Coach Pia gave some of us #SoMoms a Mother’s Day gift.  She had just come back from Europe and brought back with her a state of the art health monitoring system called LIFE.

The new One Core product. Such a good fit!

The new One Core product. Such a good fit!

LIFE is a non-invasive way of errr — monitoring your current state of life. 🙂  Or well, your current health condition.  It assesses how things are internally on the nerve levels, so that it can predict what illnesses or diseases a person is at risk for before it hits the chemical level.  And it’s already being done in all of the hospitals in Europe we’re told.

It's 90% accurate!

It’s 90% accurate!

It’s pretty cool if you think about it.  For women, it’s essential you don’t have your period (or you wait three days after you’ve gotten it) or aren’t pregnant for you to get an accurate read.  And you have to be above 12.  All you have to do is lie down and let a trained medical technician poke at the points on your arms and your legs which connect to the different parts of the body.  It’s over in about 15 minutes (You can imagine I lay down and tried to get a 15-minute nap in).

Ten minutes later you’re given an 11-page result on your current health condition.  You can see immediately how balanced or imbalanced you are for each system:  respiratory, alimentary, liver, kidneys, immune, cardiovascular, endocrine and anti-oxidant levels.

So my family and I went one morning and after an hour, we all got our results read to us at the same time.  We took my mom along too, and were glad to see the readings since we know we have to help her monitor her health conditions closely.

As for my results, generally I could be better.  My biggest watch out points are my liver and my kidneys.

Less alcohol, more water perhaps?  Heehee ;)

Less alcohol, more water perhaps? Heehee 😉

My brother’s results on the other hand, all very balanced.  He’s got a fairly healthy lifestyle if I may say so myself, and very disciplined with his food, exercise and sleep (it’s not his age, our youngest sister had worse results, he he).  So it shows.

There’s even a Yin and Yang analysis, where the dots should generally be within the green space to show your over-all energy balance.  Thankfully I don’t stray too far, for now…

All within the green zone.  Whew!

All within the green zone. Whew!

Essentially, the report gives you the POSSIBLE illnesses you could contract if you don’t watch it or do something about it now.

I'm showing signs of those underlined in red.  Hmmmm.

I’m symptoms of  those underlined in red. Hmmmm.

So no, I do not have these yet, but with my current state of eating and being, I am susceptible to these conditions if I’m not careful.  Quite honestly I’ve noticed that I’ve started having more headaches recently, and that I’m easily fatigued, particularly on the nights when I get very little sleep.  In my younger college days, I could go two or three nights without sleep (college days) and still manage to function.   Apparently not anymore!  As my father-in-law likes to say — “You’re no Spring Chicken!

The good thing about LIFE is that after the diagnostics are explained, there are clear next steps for you to take to make the changes you need.

Mine essentially says more sleep (haha!  Oh boy.), deep breathing exercises, massages (oooh!), and even yoga and acupuncture.  My diet will need to change — healthier food choices, less salt.  In other words, my stress levels are off the chart and need to be watched carefully.  It may not be something totally new, but it’s always a good reminder to get and to see where things are.  I’m fortunate mine aren’t yet still at horrible or dangerous levels and can still be improved over time.

LIFE is a test that you can take over and over again.  Because it measures your “current” state, if you make changes to your lifestyle, then the next reading could be different.  The recommendation is for you to take the test at least once a month until you see a constant improvement.  It’s such a perfect addition to The One Core’s repertoire because it really is a tool that can help us make better life decisions.

Thank you Coach Pia, for the gift of LIFE! 🙂

The One Core has made LIFE very affordable with each test at P3,000.  But since they’ve just introduced it into the market, they’re giving us all 50% off for every scan until June 30!  You can make your bookings and appointments with Nimfa at 0922-894-4143.  

For more information, visit

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