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My Mommyology’s Thoughts on Boxing and Manny Pacquiao


I will just say it:  I cannot stand boxing.

I can’t fathom how people can take pleasure in watching two grown men beating each other to a pulp, causing brain damage and irreparable facial scars… all for money.  I can’t stomach it!  I never watched the Rocky series.  The only two boxing stories could take were Russel Crowe’s Cinderella Man and Mark Wahlberg’s The Fighter (and admittedly it was also because of the incredibly hot actors, Christian Bale included!).

That said, I was never a big Manny Pacquiao fan; even if in the last few years he’s put the Philippines on the map and has been the biggest news in Philippines sports history.  Even if he’s broken all sorts of world boxing records (see, I don’t even know what they are) and has “spread his wings” and gotten into acting , singing and politics (Oh don’t they all…).  I couldn’t understand how people could call him a local hero, or how he could be an inspiration to people if he lived an incredibly lavish lifestyle!  I know that his is the Cinderella “rags to riches” story where hard work, talent and luck all come together and pay off (in millions), but I just felt something wasn’t right.  I don’t deny he is talented (and I still can’t believe he’s younger than me!  He looks so much older), but there is something about his story that just didn’t sit well with me because of what I’d heard and seen thus far.

In preparation for the Pacquiao-Bradley match up my husband watched the HBO 24/7 coverage of the fighters’ lives.  He always does that before a Pacman fight, and as my computer is next to his I hear the stories and catch a glimpse of some of the shots shown.  The few that have stuck in my head were those of Manny’s big mansion, his extravagant car and how much money (it seemed) he was throwing away.  Then there was the public knowledge of his womanizing and his gambling!  Come to think of it, that’s probably why I couldn’t teach my girls about him.  How can you put someone like that on a pedestal, no matter how talented he is at his profession?

This 24/7 though, had parts which highlighted the big story on how he’d spiritually reformed all the aspects of his life.  He’d given up his gambling businesses, his womanizing and other vices, and now has a wonderful relationship with his wife and kids.  He also holds regular bible studies and practices being a good Christian, and has apparently started to preach even to his entire boxing entourage.

Funny enough, it did seem like he had this very calm aura about him during the fight (Yes, against my better judgement, I watched.  Well, I coerced my husband to buy the Pay Per View showing of it –not an easy feat on its own! —  so as a compromise  I sat with him through all 12 rounds — tense and squeamish the whole time!).  It just felt like a more sedate version of the Manny Pacquiao that I’ve come to know over the media.

My Mommyology Pacquiao Boxing

Kind of funny when you think about it.

Even with my highly untrained boxing eye (and highly stressed nerves), I felt that he had that match in his corner.  It could have looked like he didn’t care as much if he won or lost, but I didn’t quite get that same sense of cocky air that I could “feel” came across on the TV.  He just seemed grounded and confident.  Even the commentators, as controversial as they normally are, noticed that he was different — in a good way.  Of course we all know how that controversial bout ended, but then again he took his loss very gracefully, like a true champ indeed.

What did stick with me though was his new Nike shirt (good one, Nike!), which read, “Fight for a Better World.”  The wit behind it is pretty good copy writing for me, but more than that of course is the message that it sends.  I hope that it is true and that Manny will now use his position and his influence in all that he does, to try to make the Philippines and the Filipino people a better race.  I hope that he can be a living and breathing inspiration of using one’s talents for the greater good.

My Mommyology Nike Pacquiao shirt

He had me with his shirt.

And maybe… just maybe, I can give boxing — and Manny as a “hero of the Filipino people” — a second chance.

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