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The Features of a Family-Friendly Car


For Father’s Day, I thought it might be fun to have a guest post from a Daddy Blogger. 🙂

Sean Grey approached me a few months ago with the topic above — something that could be quite useful to expanding families.  He is a father of three children himself, and he hails from San Diego, CA.  Sean has been in the automotive industry for over twenty years, so he is pretty knowledgeable about the topic.    Thank you Sean for such an informative post!


My Mommyology Family Friendly Cars

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Buying a new car is a very exciting process.  Choosing the appropriate vehicle for one’s family is the most adventurous part of the deal.  Anyone who has children should try their best to purchase a family-friendly vehicle.  A family-friendly vehicle is one that provides more comfort and conveniences than the average automobile.  Certain features make it simpler for families to get around together to work, school, vacations and doctor’s appointments.  From personal experience I believe a family oriented auto shopper should seek the following attributes when comparing family vehicles for purchase:

Extra Seat Belts.  Having an extra seat belt in the back allows for more children.  Families who have car seat aged children would best benefit from a vehicle that is very roomy in the rear and has three seat belts.  The children’s safety and comfort are the two most important elements of family-friendly vehicle ownership.  The children should have enough space in the back not to feel restricted and enough protection to be safe.

Fuel Efficiency.  In the current economic situation most modern families are trying to save money.  I’ve seen families save an immense amount of money by purchasing a fuel-efficient vehicle, which definitely helps decrease their overall budgets.  Fuel-efficient vehicles come in a wide variety of engine displacements and sizes.  The customer can find information on gas mileage in the vehicle specifications.  I’d recommend purchasing a vehicle that can run on electric and gas, because using electric energy can save a lot of gas.

DVD Player or CD Player.  Entertainment is important for going on family excursions and expeditions.  I believe it makes time pass very fast for children, making the ride a lot smoother.  Many vehicles come with special options such as CD players and DVD players.  An auto shopper should ask about these special options and attempt to select a vehicle that provides this kind of entertainment for the family.

Built-in Navigation System.  A vehicle equipped with a navigation system can help families get around to important places.  Quite a few vehicles come with this special equipment integrated into the dashboard.  This will not only save the consumer money, but also it saves him or her the time spent searching for a GPS before a trip.  A GPS is simply convenient, personally I always rely on one to get from point A to point B.

Special Safety Features.  Extra safety features add a higher level of protection for the entire family.  A family-friendly consumer should look for features such as anti-lock brakes, side curtain air bags and electronic stability control.  Each of these features will make the risk of injury less likely during accidents and unstable weather conditions.  I always try and look out for my family, I believe anything that can protect them better is a necessary purchase.

Choosing a family-friendly vehicle is not a difficult process.  It requires patience and diligent consumer research.  The individual should match vehicle options with his or her family needs.


Author Bio: Sean is an automotive enthusiast who has an immense amount of knowledge in the automotive industry. He currently writes for, an automotive company that helps people remove vehicles.   If you’d like to learn more about Sean visit the company’s site.

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