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March Madness is Here!


My Mommyology March Madness

It is indeed, March.

I of course use the term loosely.   Essentially what I mean is — it is March, and I’m going mad out of my mind.  Eleven days to go until my due date!

My Mommyology Frozen Foods

Soups are to build milk supply. So I keep making them. Essentially, it's to turn me into a cow.

The past few days, I’ve been in a little bit of a cooking frenzy, not so much for food for us to eat, but to freeze.  I feel like a bear hibernating for the winter.  Ironically enough, what I’ve been feeding my family the past few days are “pop-in-the-oven” foods — frozen fish, pizza, noodles, you name it.  The harder to cook, healthier dishes and soups, I have been making and storing in Ziploc bags.  Well, it works both ways — the freezer is emptied out of the frozen goods, and I have space to insert the Ziplocs.  Plus I have this urge to make more, so I need the space!  (I feel like after this, I shouldn’t be asked to cook ever ever again.)

A special note on freezing foods:

1)I learned from my last pregnancy that breaded pork chops don’t freeze very well since the breading tends to fall off when you fry it.  SO — the end lesson:  teach your husband to fry, so I just marinate it a few days before and it stays in the refrigerator.

2) For soups, you want to make it a little more tasteful since when you re-boil, it waters down and then it won’t be bland.  Vegetables in frozen soups don’t look too good when thawed, so I’ve refrained from putting any in, and will just buy fresh ones as we pull them out.

3) I don’t freeze anything with cream.  Whatever needs cream (ie Butternut squash soup), I add when I re-thaw.

Then I’ve taken to packing a box of things which we won’t need, and things borrowed and never returned, and sending it back home to Manila in an effort to make space.  The packing of course involves certain pabilis (It is a Filipino habit to purchase items for other people and send them home with the box), which I am individually wrapping and labeling.  My husband may start to wonder where all the masking tape is going (the food labeling and the packing and the labeling of those as well).  I’ve also found items which I need to sell on craigslist, or at least find a way to get them out of the house.  I have this urgent desire to get them out of the house.  So help me God, they have eleven days to leave my sight.

Then I’ve had all the suitcases pulled down so that we can start cleaning out the closets for winter things since the Spring weather is setting in (I hope it’s here to stay!).  But now Sam is complaining of “tight pants”, so while I clean out her old clothes, I have to check if she has enough mid-weather clothes to get us through the not-so-warm days!

So maybe this is the nesting instinct I was missing and it’s coming on full force!  My aunt said when she was pregnant a day before she gave birth she baked a cake and cleaned the house and had this unusual burst of energy.

Oh my… I JUST need a few more days.  To to mention, I have work to finish too!

Side note:  March 13, my due date, is apparently also:

  • The beginning of the REAL March Madness.  (Or is it the 15th?)  We follow it — I did after all, marry a basketball addict.  In any case, Go TarHeels!
  • The first  F1 race of the year.  Yes, I am a fan.  So already that week, on top of my weekly nightly shows, the the DV-R will be busy.
  • The Spring Forward time change happens on March 13 as well. So what happens if I give birth at 2AM on March 13?  Does it mean that it is really 2AM, or 3AM?  Will they stop my labor to switch the clocks at the hospital, or will they already be switched?

I can’t believe that two months of the year have already gone by, and the one that I have been anticipating for 9 months has finally arrived.  🙂

Side note #2:

Seeing as how I can give birth any day now, please forgive me in advance if a post does not appear as expected.  I will still try to keep up the regular feed.  If you have any stories, suggestions or guest-posts you’d like me to share, feel free to email them to me so we can get them out there!

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  1. Wow! So jealous of your cooking savvy! The most I can do is scramble an egg. Hehe.

  2. Had to take a peek at the menu! Bola Bola Misua is a staple at our house too. Been doing pre-cooking lately, ie. sauteeing or parboiling chicken as part of the morning frenzy, so when I get back from work, it’s just adding the sauces and flavors, what not. Less panic time. While I do have help (though mainly Yaya), I prefer to do the cooking! It’s therapeutic 😛

    • haha, Lex, basically the menu is a thesis of everything I know how to cook in life — that’s within freezing standards! I’m glad cooking for you is therapeutic. I wonder when I will reach that level!

  3. Don’t forget your malunggay. I imagine fresh malunggay is hard to come by there. Get moringa (malunggay) tea for your lactation inducer. Mama swears by malunggay added to soups and halaan soup when she was breastfeeding D-Vi.

    🙂 Can’t wait to meet Jamie.

    What’s the story pala of Sam naming Jamie? 😀

    ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Yep! The malunggay pills are en route here by Saturday! And Mama E taught Daddy how to cook halaan via skype the last time around, so he knows he has to make that fresh at least once a week! 🙂 Masarap naman siya magluto ng halaan, nauubos ko (that or I’m sleep deprived and hungry, wahahaha!).

      Sam picked out Jamie’s name in a car ride while I was spouting out choices. 🙂 And then for her 2nd name, she’s still choosing between two (pabago-bago isip!)

  4. Ang galing, Jen! I should learn to freeze food, too!

    Oo nga no, so if Jamie is born on March 13, will her time of birth be the spring forward time or the real time of the earth? I don’t really follow horoscopes, but that will affect her astrological chart! (haha tingnan mo kung ano ang pinag-aaksayan ng panahon ng non-mom)

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