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Ever since I can remember we would always have our Christmas tree up at least 5 weeks before Christmas.  My Mama Mia always said it was better so that the decor wouldn’t go to waste and we could use it longer.  It made sense after all; Christmas is a big deal in the Philippines and to Filipinos around the world.  We start playing Christmas carols in our homes as early as mid-September when the “100 days until Christmas” countdown begins.

I have managed to continue the early Christmas decorating “tradition” here in Chapel Hill, and have insisted over the years that we put up our tree at around this time.  As I aged (gracefully, I hope), it was harder to feel the Christmas spirit amongst the hustle and bustle of a busy work schedule, but a good Christmas tree always somehow made up for it.  I’ve always wanted to take home one of those perfectly beautiful trees to put in my living room.

Last Christmas we took a trip up to the Biltmore Estate and we saw more than enough Christmas trees to last Sam a lifetime.  Even I couldn’t believe the number of perfectly dressed (should I say dolled up?!)  ceiling high trees in almost every part of the estate.  In the one restaurant that we ate in, Sam counted 7 trees… and all of them were beautiful, if I do say so myself!  These are the types of trees I dream to own.

My Mommyology Perfect Xmas Tree

Sam was in pure Christmas Tree awe.

In reality though, the tree that we do own is a just a little over 4 feet, with snowflake and snowman decor as its main theme.  It does come with a good set of Christmas lights though, that have not failed us over the last 3 years.  Our rationale for getting the said tree was first and foremost, space (or the lack of it).  Eventually (and more importantly) as our little family doubled in size from 2 to 4, we realized that it was a good choice since my husband and I agree that the tree has to be accessible to our main decorators and clientele.

My Mommyology Tree Decorating

Hard at work. Do not disturb!

They really put the childlike joy back into my Christmas, I kid you not.

Our tree is definitely far from anything that we’ve seen at Biltmore, or anything that’s on display at Target and Wal-Mart for that matter.  For one thing, I don’t think the stylists would clump all the pine cones together on the lower rungs, and hang all the snowflakes side-by-side, or even insert red reindeer dolls when they are clearly off-theme.  I also don’t think a part of the deal is that they get to take down specific decorations and sleep with them at night. 😉

And tell me now, how can you not feel the Christmas spirit after seeing this:  Lighting Up The Tree

I am biased I know, but I do love how our tree came together if only because of who put it up.  I couldn’t have done it better (as lopsided as it looks).  That’s the fun about all this Christmas home decorating process; when the kids (well for now it really is just Sam but maybe next year, Jamie can actually “join” in) put their stamp on what the house will look like for the season.  It doesn’t matter if there is any rhyme or reason to it from an adult’s perspective.  I have recently come to realize that toddlers — well, Sam in particular, have some logical explanation in that busy head of theirs as to how things should be.  It’s amusing and real a treat for me to watch Sam be so involved in the process.  She genuinely enjoys it.  As for Jamie, she didn’t want to be far from the action too.  We put her in the bumbo, “safe-to-eat” ornaments in hand, and she coo-ed and babbled out her inputs along the way (or so I’d like to think that’s what she was doing!).

In the end I had to make a few adjustments (short of the tree falling to one side because most of the decor was there…), but it definitely made for some quality family time.  And as corny as it sounds, that actually makes for a perfectly perfect tree! 😉  Of course as a finishing touch, Sam made sure to put her favorite pieces – front, center and at eye-level…

My Mommyology Personalized Christmas Ornaments

I wouldn't have it any other way! 🙂


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  1. Awww!!! Pau didn’t want to buy a Christmas tree last year 🙁 Ok lang since we went home for Christmas anyways. Now that we’re staying put, parang I want to put up a Christmas tree 🙂 Can Sam and Jamie help too? 🙂

    Christmas is my favorite time of the year. And Christmas songs are in my iPod every year! Even when it’s not Christmas just to lift up my spirits. Haha!

    But yeah, for kids Christmas is magical and I can’t wait to share my Christmas wonder and joy (still a kid at heart! hahaha!) with our baby – being the “Christmas baby” she will be! Which will be in a couple more years (hindi pa nga pinapanganak eh! Excited!)…

    Aww… this post just left me so sentimental! Haha!

    • How can you not have a tree?! Even if we don’t spend Christmas here I insist on the tree! 😉

      I’ve found that Christmas only gets better with the kids, so you will have LOTS of fun! 🙂

  2. It makes perfect sense to put up the tree really early! We always get to put it up on or before the first day of midnight mass. So much procrastination going on in our house. I hope we can make it before the first day of December though.

    • I think I can’t wait that long – the first day of midnight mass? I would be the one looking for the tree! Good luck with your goal, the first day of December is 2 weeks away! 🙂

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