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The days are just passing by quicker than ever!  Either that or we’ve just been busier now that November is in full swing and plans for Sam’s birthday, Christmas and New Year’s are also underway… among other things.  And in the next week, this blog will be a year old!  My my, what shall we do on that day… (must start planning that too!)

At any rate, because there is so much hype around today’s date (Why was there none on 10.10.10, or did I just not notice it?), then today we blog.  Miraculously as well, the girls are cooperating by taking their naps together, making blogging possible.  Come to think of it, they haven’t done that in a while, which has also kept me fairly busy in the afternoons.  Hmmm.  Maybe there is something to this date after all! 😉

What I did want to do was capture “the beauty of fall” before all the colors fade and the leaves completely fall off.  How many times have I said that it is my favorite season?  Probably not enough. 🙂

My Mommyology Fall Trees

Don't you just love fall...

I spent all of last year staring at these trees each time I passed them by and wished I had a camera at that moment.  Thankfully now we live closer to them (after moving apartments for the third time in three years!) and it’s much easier to run outside and grab a photo.

My Mommyology Red Trees

Sans the cars, this could have passed for a really cool shot! 😉

It’s also nice to drive around the area at this time of year because it’s so colorful.  It makes for some great passenger entertainment.  As Sam says, red is her favorite color, so it is lovely to go out and be out.  The weather is cool that you definitely need a layer or two, but once you are under the sun, it’s gorgeous.  The only problem is the sun sets much earlier these days and so we are always scrambling for some quality afternoon time after naps.

I suppose I appreciate it more now since back in the Philippines, there wasn’t really much of a difference between the sun rising and setting at different times of the year.  There’s no time change, no changing of the colors, and well… hardly any trees in the main city.  These are some of the big differences about living here in Chapel Hill too — there are so many trees!

I do wish this would last longer than the cold dreary winter days.  I think it’s time we go outside and try to enjoy this view and this weather, as much as we can and meanwhile, immortalize it by putting it here. 🙂

(Incidentally, if you’re a Tar Heels men’s basketball fan, I hear there’s a game tonight!)



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  1. Early Congratulations for a year of the blog! Has it been a year already? Time flies fast when you’re having fun and I’m certainly having fun reading your blog! Truly a learning resource for me 🙂

    Your fall pictures are beautiful! I love the colors of fall too! Hopefully we can live in a place where we can experience that season as well 🙂

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