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My Mommyology Likes: The Traveling Teacher Show


Most of the families I’ve spoken with over the years say that Chapel Hill is a great place to start and raise a family.  Partly it’s because of the people and the laid-back lifestyle, but also because it is very family oriented and kid-friendly.  Many of the families I know have moved here because it provides them with better work-life balance, and the schools are also rated as some of the best in the country.  There are a lot of places kids can go to throughout the year such as the museums and the playgrounds, but personally when the weather gets a bit chilly I find it hard to be outdoors all the time.  I’m always on the look out for fun indoor activities and thankfully we did find one (Once again, thank you Helene!)!

My Mommyology The Traveling Teacher Show

Great activity on cool days!

It’s called the Traveling Teacher Show!  It is a free interactive activity hosted by two Teachers Stephanie Boon and Melissa Stewart.  With their current schedule, they put up a show every Tuesdays and Thursdays at the University Mall, and I must say it is highly entertaining and engaging!  Sam loves the crafts part of the activity, and has recently taken to the green puppet they put out named Org (I wonder if I spelled his name correctly).

My Mommyology Traveling Teacher Show

Compost Making Puppet Org Anic

Upon first hearing about the activity I thought that the lessons and themes were all set up to compliment the season.  We first stumbled upon them when they talked about pumpkins and made pumpkins out of paper plates.  That was the height of all the pumpkin filled festivals and activities, so I didn’t think much of it.  Then a few weeks ago we went again and the theme was all about owls (and subsequently, we made owl puppets out of paper bags).   That kind of surprised me since I was half expecting to go into winter or Turkey in light of thanksgiving, and at that point I decided to take a quick peek at their site.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Traveling Teacher Show’s thrust is actually to create environmental awareness in young children.  Personally I found that to be so appealing — after all they are the future of this planet!  (And incidentally, I discovered that the puppet is named Org – short for Org Anic!  Cute!).

What’s more, they claim to complement classroom learning and education and so some of their workshops and programs are actually targeted towards schools, which is quite cool.

Not only that, because they currently perform at the University Mall, after every show Sam asks to eat at Chic-Fil-A, which, while a fast food chain, is also a treat for me given that I have to watch my chicken intake.   So it is entertainment and lunch all in one go — which also saves me some chore-time at home. 😉

I’ve heard from other parents that the show started out with a handful of kids a few years back, but now when we go, Sam is amongst 30 other kids on the mat; and the interactive activity table is always always packed.  So far everyone I know who has brought their kids to a performance has nothing but good things to say about it; and in fact they like it so much that they keep going back.  The kids always come out of it having loads of fun and it is a great educational and entertaining break for us parents too.  It is yet another reason I have found as to why I love having my kids in Chapel Hill! 🙂


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  1. wow! sounds like fun!! which reminds me that I have to be on the look-out for activities to keep N entertained too! 😉

  2. This is soooo cool!!!!

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