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Au Revoir to Chicken


My Mommyology Chicken

Until Next Year...

To all the poultry that graces my diet,

Alas.  We find ourselves down this road once again where we must part ways — even for just a little bit.

I still remember the itchy-scratchy years when I could not enjoy having you in my digestive system. The rashes that would appear each time weren’t the most comfortable moments to say the least.  And to think, you taste sooo goood with the Manila version of KFC (thank the gravy!), our favorite instant office lunch option.  You in Chicken Inasal style too is and forever will be a temptation (with sago and gulaman no less!).

I sometimes was able to endure days where I would just give in and have you on my plate, and subsequently treat the consequences with topical anti-itch creams, steroid medications and anti-histamine pills that would mix up my days and nights.

But you see, now it isn’t just about me anymore.  Based on the last few weeks of ingestion and observation, it appears that you and Jamie aren’t getting along either.  There are red splotches scattered across her squishable little body a few hours after she takes her milk from me.  What can I say, like mother like daughter eh?

While a part of me feels I should take little bits at a time to desensitize her, she still can’t tell me if she’s itchy or not, and remembering so vividly still how uncomfortable I felt once upon a time, I wouldn’t want to put her through that at this young an age.  We’d have to wait until she can say a little bit more than Mama and can tell me how she’s feeling.

So my dear feathery friend… it’ll be another year until we cross paths (depending on how much longer we can sustain the breastfeeding).  And I will miss you, really I will.  In the meantime, I will make good friends with your fellow animals the Pig, the Fish and the Cow (I am sorry Chick-Fil-A Cow)!

Ahhh… such is the life of a breastfeeding mom ey?  We do what we gotta do.

For poultry and eggs that you may want to enjoy, do read about them in the adventures of Max and his chickens in the soon-to-be international bestseller Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto!

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  1. Oh no! I’m not a fan of chicken but I love KFC (in the Philippines!) and Inasal – nagutom tuloy ako ulit! Anyhoo I hope both you and Jamie are fine!

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