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The Happy Meal Toy Invasion

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My Mommyology Happy Meal Toys

Sam's little Happy Meal family so far minus the Zooble who is MIA.

I believe we have reached that age when Happy Meals (and their contents) have become a part of our most recent trips to the Golden Arches.  My husband is and has always been a McDonald’s fan, and so of course on one of his dates with Sam, that’s where they ate.  Ever since then Sam has once in a while asked to eat chicken nuggets at Old McDonald to “get a new toy”.

So far the ones that we’ve gotten are actually not bad quality for a $3 meal.  Now her little box of knick knacks include the ones you see above, also opening up her world to all these new characters that I have not bothered to introduce to her before.  She creates little stories with them, starts conversations with them and pretends that they are all one little happy family that can play with balls and Play-Doh.  Once in a while, they all go to bed with her along with several of her other stuffed dolls and get lost amongst the pillows.

You’d have to admit though that while the meal isn’t always the best choice health-wise (but she’s a kid, how much harm can 4 pieces of chicken nuggets do in the grander scheme of things?), it does seem to be sparking the imaginative chords in that little brain of hers.

I can’t complain.  Strawberry Shortcake, Master Wushu and Smurfette all seem to be getting along fine too!

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  1. well, as long as they are getting along:) cute.
    here from smantha sotto’s place.

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