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The Pediatric Dentist Check-Up


It is always a pleasant experience going to Chapel Hill Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry.  After each visit (well at least for the last three times), so far, they’ve always given me something nice to write about.  From the time they called Sam’s name all the way until we paid and left, it was pleasant and easy and just over-all great.

Even before going Sam was already excited to go to the dentist and “play”, as she put it.  That says a  lot about the associations she’d made from her previous check-ups.  When they called her in, she didn’t even want to wait for me, and the hygienist asked me if I just wanted to wait for her outside.  I was a bit surprised, thinking she might be too young so I went in anyway, but Sam did not once look back to look for me.  She was quite confident she could do it on her own.

In this particular check-up, first they took an x-ray of her teeth, something they’d never done before (Even at my numerous visits to my dentist, I don’t actually recall getting my teeth x-rayed — ever!).  And because she sat still, they asked her to choose a sticker as a prize.  Already she was a delighted child.  Then she got to see the x-ray of her teeth on the computer too, and she was just awestruck by it as well.

Afterwards, the hygienist asked her to choose what color of toothbrush she would take home, and Sam even picked the flavors of her toothpaste and tooth vitamins, which were white chocolate and melon respectively.  This time, they didn’t usher us into one of the private rooms with the toys, but finally put her in the real dentist’s chair for older children.  She climbed right in, although she looked a little weirded out at first (I guess she was expecting the room and the toys), but didn’t seem to fret.  Then the hygienist  gave her some cool shades to put over her eyes so when she lay back in the chair, she wouldn’t squint under the light.  It was such a cute sight, if I do say so myself and Sam kept adjusting her shades because they were sliding down the bridge of her nose.

My Mommyology Dental Check-up

In the dentist chair with cool shades so she doesn't squint. 😉

What was also nice about it was that every time the hygienist would stick something in her mouth, she would tell Sam what it was and make her feel it first on her hand or on her cheek.  She was very encouraging and very pleasant, even as an observer to the whole experience I was not nervous or stressed that Sam was having a difficult time of anything.  In the end, of course happily cavity-free, she was able to hang her name on the tree again and choose yet another prize!  She already told me what she was planning to get “next time”.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said it in the past, but THAT is indeed, a great dentist visit.  The fact that Sam wants to go back already (and the fact that I can’t wait for Jamie to get some teeth in so that she can experience it firsthand for herself!), speaks volumes of the kind of service and care they provide.  And I absolutely love it that every step and detail of the visit feels thought through, such that it is an over-all pleasant experience for the child.  Yet, they are able to get what needs to be done in a reasonable amount of time!  In my book, they get 6 thumbs up! (Mine, Sam’s and Jamie’s!).  I think every dental office (or probably any other office for that matter) can learn a thing or two from this Pediatric Dentist. 😉

A little lesson:  Here’s something I learned from the dentist too; that apparently children on high carb diets are more at risk for getting “white spots” on their teeth, which can lead to faster decay and make them prone to cavities (no matter how well they brush!).  Balance it out with more fruits and veggies and cheese they said.


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  1. It’s great that your daughter wasn’t scared at all! My son had a traumatic experience at the dentist and since then, we spend about 10 minutes soothing him before he allows the dentist to do anything.

    By the way, I liked that little tip about carbs speeding up tooth decay. My dentist warned me not to brush teeth immediately after eating any acidic fruit since they weaken our teeth’s enamel. Wait 20-30 minutes after eating an orange or drinking lemon before brushing.

    • Thanks for the tip too! I’ll make a note of that.
      Yes, I love the pedia dentist, I think they’ve upped my standards and perception of customer service (for kids). I don’t know what I’d do if and when we change dentists and the experience is not-so-great!

      • Same here. I just recently switched to a new dentist, though she isn’t a pedia dentist she is so great with my son. She’s very patient even while all the crying is going on.

        By the way, I noticed Green Eggs & Mom on your blog roll… How’d that happen? Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic (you just can’t see my reaction but I am) but wondering how that happened haha. (Sorry, not sure if this is the proper medium to ask the question) 🙂

  2. Even I always love the visits to THIS Pediatric Dentist – vicariously through your posts 😉

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