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P is for Pritchon!


Have you ever seen a pig smile back at you?!  Well, here’s one.

He's happy to delight your tummy!

He’s happy to delight your tummy!

This is a deep-fried suckling pig that satisfied our growling tummies during the #SoMoms #BetterMe #Session with Coach Pia.  Tito Charlie, of Charlie’s Pritchon, and his wonderful wife Tita Dina brought him over.  He (the pig) seemed happy to be there.  Well – we were happy to have him.  Many of the SoMoms are current fans of Charlie’s Pritchon, and so it was only fitting that we asked him to tell us the story of how the Pritchon Corporation came to be.

The concept of a hot-deep fried pig came to Tito Charlie one day eleven years ago when they were stuck in traffic.  Instead of the usual roast pig that Filipinos are used to (a typical Filipino special occasion cuisine), Tito Charlie experimented with deep-frying the entire pig.  Two weeks later, Tita Dina dreamt that her late mom told her to wrap the cut up fried pig in pita wedges and serve it with several sauces.  And it was then when Charlie’s Pritchon was born.  (Incidentally, the winning combination of sauces as Tito Charlie had prepared for me was a mix of the honey mustard, garlic and a dash of the chili.  Soooo good!)

Tito Charlie, the different sauces and the sliced pig wrapped in Pita.

Tito Charlie, the different sauces and the sliced pig wrapped in Pita.

Tito Charlie actually developed and patented the fryer as to where the pig is cooked.  So much so, over the years they’ve gotten it down to a perfect, delectable science.  When you call them for catering, they make two trained servers accompany the pig and cut it just as the food is ready to be served so that the pig doesn’t get cold and the skin chewy (makunat).  It’s important that the skin stays crispy.  I can vouch for the fact that of the times I’ve had pritchon, I have to say that it has always maintained its crispy, crunchy state.

Everyone in Tito Charlie’s family got into the business over the years.  My brother’s girlfriend (Tito Charlie’s eldest daughter) could chop up the happily fried pig better than some of the other servers as young as 10 years of age.  I have just recently learned of this skill of hers, and so the next time she comes over I’ll make her show me. 😉

A small pig can serve a party of 25 people which is quite affordable if you think about their pricing.  Tito Charlie has said though, that depending on the group’s appetite, they’ve had customer orders of one whole pig for less than 10 people, and they reportedly consumed the whole thing!  Therefore, I do suggest that when you give them a call for an order, give them a gauge of your total guests’ general appetite size instead of the real number of people in attendance. 😉  Seriously though, it’s a great addition to special occasion celebrations as well as everyday regular meals.  We Pinoys are quite fond of eating anyway, there’s always a good reason to serve pritchon. 🙂

They also have several other items on their menu too.  That Saturday we were treated to some ultra delicious paella.  Surprisingly it complimented the pritchon quite nicely.  I never thought I could pair the two together.  I would happily do so again, really and truly.

Yumyumyumyumyum.  And here's their flyer in case you want to call them ASAP!

Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum. And here’s their flyer in case you want to call them while reading this…

They’ve also expanded their range to include Pritchon Salad, PritchoPabo (Turkey wrapped in Pita Bread and served with various sauces), and for the health-conscious some Veggie Wraps.  Charlie’s Pritchon only needs a day in advance notice (except over the holidays when things can get busy!).  One can order online on their website, or give them a call.  Most of their information is also found on their Facebook page too, so be sure to take a peek.

More than anything, you can tell that Charlie’s Pritchon delivers quality food and service because the owners continue to be very hands on.  Tito Charlie and Tita Dina take on orders and still oversee deliveries.  They interact with customers and ask for feedback to make sure that everything continues to go well.  They came to personally deliver our food to us and interacted with all the SoMoms and answered every question that we had.  They truly take care of their customers in every sense of the word, and that’s always a heartwarming… all the way down to the full and satisfied belly!


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  1. Wow! good addition to the Filipino dishes we know. It’s something worth giving a try!

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