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The 2011 Festifalls


It’s fall!

My how time flies.  Fall is my favorite season of the year, particularly when the leaves start to change colors, it’s beautiful!  Fall is actually just the right kind of warm and cool in my opinion — although sometimes (as I am currently experiencing), your wardrobe goes through some sort of schizophrenic madness with the different kinds of clothes needed.  I still don’t know how to arrange the girls’ closets yet.  If I figure it out, you’ll be hearing from me. 😉

As I have recently learned in North Carolina, fall is marked by a ton of festivals.  There was recently a Carousel Festival  in Burlington Park which Sam loved and continues to talk about to this day.  She got to go on the bouncy houses and carousel rides as many times as she wanted.  My husband quite the happy carousel crazie as well, because everything was free (when it normally costs $0.75 a ride).

The weekend I got my superb massage, we stumbled upon a fall festival in one of the local malls here.

My Mommyology Fall Festival

This was the flyer for the one at Eastgate Mall

Every activity had a $2 charge that would go to the Animal Control cause and a raffle from participating establishments at the mall.  Here Sam got to ride a horse-drawn buggy, jump in the moon bounce and collect a huge balloon from the clown.  It was perfect timing since she was asking if we could go to the mall to see Frankie that day, so Ms. Clown saved us a trip (but cost an extra $1!).

Yesterday was the 2011 Festifall, which was more of an arts, crafts and music kind of Festival out on Franklin St.  Supposedly it is an annual event, but I only learned of it this year from Helene (as I do with most things) .  I was quite impressed with all the handiwork and crafts on display.  There were some very creative pieces on sale!  In true mom fashion, I was not able to take decent pictures of them (or much less walk around to see if I could take home a souvenir) since we had our hands full with the girls.

Sam got to make a door hanger with some fall sticker leaves and some glitter at the kids art station, and she also timidly participated in building the county pumpkin.

My Mommyology Chapel Hill Festifall

The giant paper pumpkin at the center of the Festifall

Looking at our calendar leading up to the winter, it looks like there are a lot more activities in store for us these next few weeks.  Halloween is just around the corner as well and Sam has been talking about getting herself a costume.  And then there’s Thanksgiving and her birthday, before the hectic holiday season kicks in.

There is much to blog about!  Stay tuned!

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