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The East Coast Earthquake


My Mommyology Earthquake Map

Taken from USA Today's report of the earthquake

According to the latest news, tweets and Facebook posts, there was a 5.9 intensity earthquake in various parts of the East Coast, including North Carolina.

Why didn’t I feel it?  When I think of the time, I was either reading a book to Sam before her nap, or rocking Jamie to sleep and falling asleep myself.

Then again maybe I did — I just didn’t recognize it.  If I was rocking Jamie to sleep then naturally the side-to-side movement would have covered it up.  Well, then again with both girls under the weather with runny noses and little (rephrase:  sporadic amount of) sleep I got last night made me think it was just me swaying and not the entire East Coast.

In any case, I do hope everyone is okay!  Stay away from tall buildings today as there are reports of aftershocks.

The last thing anyone needs right now is another calamity.

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  1. Glad to know you guys are ok!

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