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MyMommyology Likes: Incredibles 2


I didn’t realize that it’s been fourteen years since the first Incredibles movie.  I introduced it to my kids when they were both old enough to watch movies since we had the DVD at home.  Incredibles was a fun one back then for me, I just had to introduce it to the girls.

Naturally, Incredibles 2 was much awaited for all of us.

We took my mom to see it with us this summer and I have to say, we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  (Spoilers ahead, so please watch the movie before coming back to this post!)

The first thing I liked was the pre-movie acknowledgement that the actors / voices made about it being 14 years “in the making”.  I hope they showed that little sequence in all the theaters around the world.

I also liked that they picked up from where they left off, 14 years ago with the Underminers.  Granted that those villains were not apprehended, but it was a good jump off point from when we last saw them.  The fun twist I found was that they also still managed to keep it very current with Elastigirl taking center stage during this time of female empowerment.

Disney Pixar’s Elastigirl

At the same time, Mr. Incredible home with Dash struggling with Math sounds exactly like parents in my circle complaining about common core.  The storyline was very relatable then and now!  That’s hard to do, so I am impressed.

I think the most anticipated part of this Incredibles sequel was Jack Jack.

Disney Pixar’s Jack Jack

He is too cute.

The first movie had us guessing what his superpowers might be.  I feel, the writers just had fun with it, but at the same time, still managed to keep to the them.  It was, dare I say, incredibly fun to watch.

My personal favorite part was the sequence with Jack Jack and Edna.

Disney Pixar

It is quick and short, but Edna is always a fun and memorable character to watch.  She was adorable in the first movie, and all the more now, as she babysits Jack Jack for an evening, and actually bonds with him.

The girls were laughing so hard in the theater, and loved it from beginning to end.  We know this to be true because they are repeating and re-enacting lines and scenes randomly.

We’ll definitely add the Blue-Ray copy of this movie to add to our collection, to watch over and over again. 🙂  It’s a great summer flick for the family if I do say so myself!


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