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MyMommyology’s #FieldtripFriday at LACMA

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Friday is here.  It brings back memories of #Fieldtripfridays we took during our summer days.

One favorite that we talk about to this day, was to LACMA, or the LA County Museum of Art.  You know the place with the famous lampposts outside, where everyone takes pictures?  Yeah…. everyone except us of course.

See, I don’t know much about art, and that is one thing I want my kids to appreciate.  They love museums and little exploration trips, so when we go, I have to remember to try to see things from their eyes, and have their agenda in mind.  We just go with the flow.  Sometimes it means not being able to see everything, and that’s okay too.

I tell them though that I expect to hear three things they discovered or learned on the trip.  It could be anything at all, from what they saw, to what they learned about themselves.

We entered the different LACMA collections with the question, “What is art anyway?” And together decided that some of these pieces weren’t art really… and some were.  Like for instance, Monet’s paintings.  The girls have learned about this artists’ style at school, and clearly thought — this was art.

The Claude Monet area – and his contemporaries.

Then there were many different historical collections.  We spent a lot of time at the Egyptian Art Collection (which is closely linked to Egyptian mythology, a current favorite interest).

Peekaboo. I see you…

There was art bigger than them too.  Modern Art they called it, and often times the girls said, “huh?!”

Mom, it echoes! (echoes, echoes, echoes….)

And art that we didn’t understand.

Why, they asked. Why?

I have to admit though, it made for good conversation.  Why is this on display?  What criteria did they use that it passed?  And so many other questions, which was a pleasant surprise.

And just parts of the museum that looked good in pictures.

Okay, maybe not the Urban Lights. But we did get… “pillars”. 😉

There was a Kids’ art space too, the Boone Children’s Gallery where the kids made their own art and explored different media.

This was clearly an inspiration as when I got home, I found them outside, creating their own art, and using different media!

Jamie stuck with the traditional beach scene.  But she also managed to paint my tiles in the process.


So that’s where my toilet paper rolls went…

In the end the girls said, “art is what you make of it mom,” which I thought was very profound.  It could have also been said so that I stop asking questions.  Either way, I’ll take what I can get.

LACMA is a museum that we would visit again and again if we could.  It didn’t hurt that kids 17 years and under can go in for free.  Plus, we didn’t finish one or two areas.  If I know my kids, they’d want to see what they missed.  It’s like a book that you can read over and over again — you always get something new each time you go.


Here’s a tip:  When visiting LACMA, pack your own food and snacks and leave them in the car.  We went back for it when the girls were hungry and ate it in the open space outside. 


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