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It’s funny how two years ago, you’d never think to put running and me in the same thought.  Or sentence.

I just re-read a post about my first 10k run, and couldn’t help but smile.  I still remember when running a 5k was extremely challenging.

But I am proud to say that my running mates and I have come a long way since then (in actual mileage as well!).  Thanks largely to peer pressure, we’ve managed to maintain our regular Sunday runs.  Regardless of the weather and the time changes too (I cannot begin to tell you how hard it is to get up in 40 degree weather and run in the dark!  Ack!).  If it weren’t for them, I’d probably put the alarm on snooze and roll over and go back to bed.

I’m fairly impressed we’ve been able to keep it up this long.  Some of us have come and gone, but it definitely helps that we have someone asking “who’s up to run this trail this week?” or “who’d like to join this race with me?”

Yes, they definitely keep me going.

And it is thanks to them and a few other running buddies, that I’ve managed to put three half-marathons under my belt to date.  Woot!

Proof that I survived.

The endurance and stamina have been built slowly though.  In my father-in-law’s words (to my husband), I am no spring chicken.  Trust me, I feel it.

The body takes a while to recover when I push, and the prep before a race takes longer.  I know when I eat (or drink) the “wrong things”, I can feel it when I run.  And if I don’t run regularly, I pay for it days later.

In other words, there is no more “winging it”.

It’s also funny how, because I’ve come to run much more, I got pulled into the girls’ school Run Club this year.

Photo credit: @rocking_my_miles

The joke is that my very good friends were desperate for a fourth person.  Anyway — I did as I was told, got a workout in each week with the kids, and I had fun! It’s all good.

I’ll admit it was nice to see both my girls start to enjoy running as well, and have them build their own physical endurance.  This year they joined a bunch of their friends at Kids Run the OC.  I dare say they’d like to do it again next year.

Training for her race.

This coming fall, we’ve all agreed to do a 5k race as a family.  My husband (the only runner in the family when this all started), who’s run the least of us all, has agreed to participate and “train” occasionally.  This remains to be seen, but hey, here’s hoping right?

I remember a Parenting Lesson Coach Pia taught us — about teaching your kids something that you love, or something you’re good at.  I’d always thought that would be up my husband’s alley since he played all kinds of sports, and he was good at them.  I never thought of myself good at running (I know a whole lot of other people who are better), but I do it often enough that I think I know a little bit.   I never thought I’d enjoy it — it just seemed like the easiest workout to do.  So I never thought they’d “learn to run” from me!

I have to say — that realization has put a smile on my face too! 😉



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