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My Mommyology Discovers: A Family Estate Plan is a Necessary Urgent Investment


We recently put in place a Living Trust and Family Estate Plan for the future of our girls.

My nightly reading which reinforces the fact that I am indeed a grown-up.

My nightly reading which reinforces the fact that I am indeed a grown-up.

The topic of “who gets the kids”, or “what will happen when we pass on” isn’t something that usually makes casual dinner conversations, and those of us with young families may not see or feel the urgency of getting “our affairs in order” right away.  Now that I am older and have younger people under my care, I figure it’s something that we’d need to face sooner than later.

In this day and age, you never know what will happen.  And admittedly, those questions (and more of the sort), linger at the back of our minds more frequently now than ever.  As the kids get older, as you make big changes in life, and as you observe the changes in the state of your health.

We can prepare our kids all we want, and work towards a healthier lifestyle, but the fact remains:  when we pass on, there will be things people will need to take care of in our behalf.  If the kids are too young at the time, then they are the most valuable assets that need the best kind of care and continued protection.

My husband and I initially didn’t think about all of this until recently, when we acquired the house, and I got into a car accident.  I was bumped from behind and I had to drive myself to the E.R., only to realize that I had to leave and come back because no one would pick up my kids.  Thankfully the accident wasn’t bad enough that I could still do so and come back later for the meds.  But what if it was worse?  What would happen then?  Heaven forbid it ever happens, but the thought was very unsettling.

Thankfully Brian Chew, a trusted friend, owns and operates OC Wills & Trust Attorneys, a Family Protection and Estate Planning firm that operates in Southern California.  In two meetings, Brian got our papers and our Estate Plan up and running in no time.  It included a Living Trust and provisions for the kids should anything happen to us, as well as health directives should we become incapacitated to make critical medical decisions.

Photo Credit: Brian Chew

Photo Credit: Brian Chew

Brian is very good at explaining your options and customizing them according to the family’s specific needs and situations.  He has been practicing estate planning law for almost 20 years, and so he definitely knows what he’s talking about.  He and his firm made the whole process easy, simple and very painless.  I’ve learned, and am still learning so much from the whole process.  This is information that was not within my usual conscious realm, but now, I am glad it has been brought to my attention.


That’s Brian with his awesome wife and kids.

Friends have told me there are ways and firms that offer a “do it yourself” option for less.  While I’ve seen some of those options, I like the added value that OC Wills and Trust Attorneys offer.  Their process is very comprehensive and you can make clear decisions with all your options on the table.  Plus, Brian and his firm offer continued follow-ups and amendments, which you can’t get from a “do-it-yourself” situation.  These “cheaper alternatives” will actually cost you more in the end, and it could potentially get complicated.  There’s nothing of that sort with  OC Wills and Trust Attorneys, and with an experienced lawyer at the helm, it is definitely worth the investment.

You wouldn’t think it was a necessity, but why should we wait until “something happens” for it to become one?  We knew we were going to do it at some point in the future, but it gives us so much relief and peace of mind that it’s been taken care of already, especially now while our kids are still very young.

If you haven’t thought about it yet, or are “still thinking about it”, from my recent experience — it’s much better done now than later.  It is worth carving out time for, and it is a discussion that needs to happen at some point in time.  Some people say it becomes most urgent as you are older.  On the contrary, I’d say it’s more urgent now while the kids are still young.

I definitely would recommend a sit down with Brian and his attorneys at the soonest possible time.  He offers a no obligations, free consultation.  So what have you got to lose?

For more information, visit the OC Wills and Trust Attorneys website, or call 949-347-5256.  You can follow them on social media as well:

Facebook: @OCWillsandTrustAttorneys

You Tube: OC Wills and Trust Attorneys

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