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Mommy Mush Brain


We all know what Mommy Mush Brain is — or have we already forgotten?  😉

Mommy Mush Brain is the term given to pregnant moms, moms with newborns, or well… moms in general.  The loss of sleep, the epidurals, any and all of those combinations come into play resulting in some form of absentmindedness or temporary memory loss.  I always blame the epidural.  At any rate, it is a give:  the transition into motherhood comes with a loss of memory cells.

Here (in my humble opinion and all too fresh experience of it) are some telltale signs that you indeed have a case of Mommy Mush Brain.

My Mommyology Mush Brain


  • You use shampoo on your face and put lotion in your hair.  Or something along those lines;
  • You’ve just shampoo-ed your hair and are rinsing it off when you think:  Did I just shampoo my hair? and to be sure, you do it again;
  • You wake up not knowing what day of the week it is;
  • You put reminders and notes down on a post-it, but then forget where you’ve placed said post-it;
  • You open the refrigerator aiming to get milk, but once the contents of the ref are staring back at you, you think, What did I need again?  And you pick up water instead.  As the door closes that’s when you remember;
  • You’re getting the girls and their things ready, out the door and into the car muttering, “The bag, the water, the shoes.  The bag, the water, the shoes.  The bag the water the shoes…” And as you pull out of the garage you stop short, “The water!” And end up running back in to get it;
  • You play memory game with your toddler and she wins fair and square;
  • You ask your doula “How much do I owe you?”  She says $9 and you give her $19 (Thankfully she counts it and laughs, returning the surplus to you);
  • You’re talking to OCMominmanila and she answers your question, but 5 minutes later you ask her the same question as if it was the first time you’ve asked it (Yes, I know I do it to you a lot but I know you love me anyway, haha!);
  • You’re talking to someone and somehow use all the wrong words to describe what you want to say but can never get it out right;
  • You hear your child saying, “Mommy!  You forgot again!” more times than you would like;
  • All of the above, and many more!

Let not the name of this “condition” derail you from the fact that dads are prone to Mommy Mush Brain too.

The other night my husband put two pieces of Green Tea Mochi ice cream in one bowl for us to share.  One each, he said.  We were in front of the TV, and I had my computer in front of me as well (multitasking, what can I say?!).  Because I hate melted ice cream, I immediately started eating, and was halfway through one before I set the bowl down to get to my emails.  The other piece was left untouched.

My husband then took his turn and finished the half that I left off.  He passed the bowl back to me and said, “You haven’t eaten your Mochi, it’s going to melt.”

I replied, “No I ate half,” and looked into the bowl to prove me right. “You ate my half!” I exclaimed.

No I didn’t.  I ate one whole.  You haven’t eaten yours.”  And we continued to argue about it into the next day, thinking that the other has completely misplaced his/her marbles.

Well, even if I am the mom with the mush brain, it is my blog, and I’ve told the story — so of course I’ve remembered it correctly. 😉

What are your Mommy Mush Brain moments? 🙂

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.


  1. Bwahahahaha! You just described my life 😀

  2. I’m having it now and I haven’t had epidural yet! What more… oh no!

  3. You know you’re right. I’ve never had the “Have I shampooed my hair yet?” moment before I had a baby! And you don’t always ask me the same question twice! Haha.

    I also forget my phone a lot but I blame that on the invisible iPhone. It blends in with any surface!

  4. Jen…

    Can having Mommy Mush Brain since college save me from it in the future pag naging mommy na nga ako? Hehehe… In other words, naubos na siya ngayon pa lang… hehehe. I plead guilty to having Mommy Mush brain symptoms… hehehe

    Love you! 😀

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