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Adjustment Phase 1B: Finding a School for Jamie


Finding Sam a school took quite a lot out of me, I wasn’t ready to go hunting for a school for Jamie just yet.  We never had much time alone I always say, and I was happy to take my time.

Jamie though had a different idea.  Every morning she’d come with me to bring Sam to school.  She’d have a little pout when Ate would say goodbye to her and run off to be with friends.  Then she’d ask:  “What about me mom?  When do I go to school?”

So I took a breath, and re-opened the computer once more in search for a preschool.  We’d been on the look out since we knew we were moving, but it wasn’t a serious search.  Jamie’s too young for the public school system, so it was definitely going to be a paying preschool for her.  Location and zoning didn’t apply yet.  It was just a matter of whether or not they still had a slot.  Of course, location was still a main consideration for me since I would be the school bus driver.

I asked around (and looked around), and from what I gathered in the limited amount of time, I concluded that preschools were classified into three:  the “learning” Day Cares (which might’ve been too basic for Jamie already), the parent-participative types where the parent plays a heavy role in volunteering and teaching the child (sorta like a pseudo Homeschool set-up is how I understood it… too much for me! 😉 ) and the Montessori’s of this world.

Every Montessori Classroom looks the same.

Every Montessori Classroom looks the same.

Each one has its pros and cons, but considering my brain was about to explode from information overload, I immediately gravitated to the tried and tested, all-reliable Montessori option.  I suppose a lot of parents wanted the same thing too, since I called four Montessori’s around my area and each one had a one year wait list!  Yikes.

In a frantic panic I searched for schools that claimed they followed the Montessori Method — and found one that was a few miles away from Sam’s school (insert happy dance).  I toured and was convinced.  They were very much a Montessori school, just as I knew and understood it to be.

I immediately made a deposit to secure a slot on the “short” wait list.  I was told that if Jamie were to join, she’d be in the class of the incoming Filipino teacher.  They couldn’t guarantee me a start date, but at that point I felt relief.  At some point this year, Jamie was going to a Montessori preschool.  And so we had time. 🙂

It turned out to be pretty short wait list indeed, because they called us back after a week to confirm our slot.

Jamie's (and Bunny's) 1st day of school.

Jamie’s (and Bunny’s) 1st day of school.

Jamie LOVES school.  She’s loved it before back in Manila, so the wonderful experience continues.  She gives me a kiss and a hug goodbye and doesn’t look back.  Sometimes all I get is a wave.  When I pick her up, she has so many stories to share.

So far so good.  Jamie’s always been an independent person, which works because independence is the basis of the Montessori education.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

And in Jamie’s case, it does follow — “I want to do it myself mom,” and she feels better about herself.  Jamie’s so much more confident now, and more outspoken.  She’s not as timid to try new things.

I'd never thought to let Jamie handle a glass pitcher at this age.

I’d never thought to let Jamie handle a glass pitcher at this age… but she can do it!

She’s also making friends.

Two of Jamie's favorite playmates.

Two of Jamie’s favorite playmates.

Her teachers say everyone loves Jamie.  And though she’s one of the younger ones in her class, it seems like Jamie helps some of the older kids too with  concepts she’s already mastered.

I’m quite happy for this find.  The tuition is pretty steep (each month’s payment increases my husband’s white hair), but hearing all of Jamie’s stories and seeing her blossom day after day makes it all worth it.

Jamie "at work".  Punching I think is what it's called.

Jamie “at work”. Punching I think is what it’s called.

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