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A Trip to Zoomar’s


Jamie is an animal-lover.  I don’t know what it is about them.  She’s always been fascinated by cuddly furry animals.

She’s always asking for a pet.  Her Christmas list, as enumerated by Sam is 1) a real live rabbit, 2) a real live hamster, and 3) a puppy.

And even when we go to museums where they sometimes showcase live animals according to the theme, she has a total fascination with them.  Doesn’t matter what kind they are, really.

Yep.  They're rats.  Eeeck.

Yep. They’re rats. Eeeck.

In Manila, Jamie would love trips to the Fun Farm at Sta. Elena.  She wanted to go as often as possible.  It was about a 2-hour drive from the city, and the kids could basically ride horses, and carabao-drawn carriages to their heart’s content.  Kids could also feed bunnies and guinea pigs carrots to their stomach’s content.  We were always worried about the rain so the trips were few and far between.  Each time we’d go, Jamie would put a guinea pig in a basket and ask if we could take it home.  Otherwise, she’d carry the poor thing (in said basket) all over the farm until we were ready to leave.

Imagine her delight when her school’s field trip was to Zoomar’s — a Fun-Farm like petting zoo.  Only here, there were more animals to feed and other fun things to do.  And it wasn’t two hours away. 😉

There were pigs, and sheep.  In the goat pen people could go in and brush the goats’ coats.  Jamie didn’t want to, because the goats were at her eye level, so she stayed outside to feed them instead.

They eat carrots too!

They eat carrots too!

And the guinea pigs are HUGE!  I spent a good deal of my time trying to catch them for Jamie and her friends to hold.

Left:  we caught one!  Right: Jamie talking to another Guinea pig.

Left: we caught one! Right: Jamie talking to another Guinea pig.

The guinea pigs were in pens which some of the chickens and roosters would visit.  Jamie has never touched a rooster before — hence the face.

As unpretentious as can be...

As unpretentious as can be…

There were llamas too (but you couldn’t feed them).

Llama llama face the camera!

Llama llama face the camera!

There was even an emu who approached me as I stayed by the fence, and an Alpaca.

And of course, the $4 horse rides.

Giddyyup horsie.

Giddyyup horsie.

There’s a train and a playground as well, and so many other things that kids can do.  The snack area is covered so it’s great for parties.  And what’s nice about it is that everything feels very clean.  By every pen, there are anti-bacterial hand stations and the kids are encouraged to get each time they leave a pen.  There’s also an accessible wash station for kids.  Of course you do come out smelling like the animals right after, so you can imagine the scrub down I gave Jamie when we got home!

It looks like we will definitely be back.  Jamie was so animated about everything we did that Sam got excited and also wants to go.

Their December highlights.

Their December highlights.

At least this time it won’t take us two hours for us to pet some animals.  And it might be a good idea in the hopes of “delaying” the need for a pet at home (Or then again it could backfire! Yikes!)

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