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My Mommyology Discovers: Kracie Popin


There’s still so much to be done before I can officially say we’re completely “settled in”.  And I think the kids have noticed that I’ve been extra busy during their time at home, they keep asking us to do stuff together.  We’ve done the board games, the Rainbow Loom, and played outside.  They’ve even “helped” with some chores like unpacking the picture frames.  They’re always looking for something new to do.
As I was unpacking I noticed several boxes of “toy-looking” things that we put in last-minute.  My husband’s cousin Pebbles had sent us a going away present on the day that we left and in my mad rush I put them in without really thinking.  It’s a good thing too because as it so happened, Jamie discovered it in the closet during one of our low-key days and got all excited about it.
6 of the 8 boxes Pebbles sent.

6 of the 8 boxes Pebbles sent.

I’d never heard of Kracie Popin before Pebbles’ gift.  She told me it was a do-it-yourself fun activity for kids that parents could get into as well, perfect for parent-child bonding moments.  I’m no DIY expert, but I’m happy to try — especially since it fit our latest criteria:  Doing something new together.
So Jamie picked a pack she wanted to do and we opened it up.  The packaging is entirely Japanese (which is great because anything from Japan is great, but quite hard to understand since I don’t speak Japanese!).  Pebbles sent me instructions in English before but as you know, my computer crashed so it was lost.  Thankfully Kracie Popin is an easy Google search.  You can download the instructions in English, or watch and follow a tutorial on You Tube as well.
Jamie all excited for our DIY project.

Jamie all excited for our DIY project.

Okay call me dense, but I thought it was a just a toy.  Like Play-Doh?  You put water and mix it with the powder into some food shapes and then learn to form it.  At that point I was already quite amused because I thought it was a good way to introduce different foods to kids, and show them how it was all prepared (more or less). 
And then halfway through, I realized they’re actually real candy kids can make and THEN enjoy!  Oh wow!  We’ve never “made” candy before!  Sam was the one who pointed out that it smelled like really good, like candy in fact — and after I re-read all of the instructions I realized she was right!  No wonder it starts with “make sure you wash your hands first!”  And make sure you do it on a clean surface too.
The girls had a lot of fun — for their age they needed a lot of help since the drops of water were very precise and the containers were small.  Plus, I didn’t want them getting any powder on my computer when they looked through the instructions!  Like any jello kind of candy, if you put too much water it won’t form properly.  This was the case with our first sushi pack.  We put too little of the mix for the “rice” and so everything on top kept sliding off.  But in the end it did look like sushi!
Left:  Making the fish roe.  That was pretty cool.  Right:  finished product.  It was our first try!  Don't judge. ;)

Left: Making the fish roe. That was pretty cool. Right: finished product. It was our first try! Don’t judge. 😉

Sam didn’t get in on the sushi pack action until late, and so she asked that we do a second one.  Pebbles gave us so many it was hard to choose!
Finally she decided on the Doughnuts.  She and Jamie helped each other and it worked out nicely too — one wanted the vanilla, and the other the chocolate.
Doughnut making in progress

Doughnut making in progress

After rolling the dough and shaping it up, they each got to make some of the “icing”, and they each designed their own donuts, with sprinkles and all.  It was quite fun.  It’s like learning to bake or cook in bite-sized quantities without really having to get into the kitchen to do it.  And it’s a great activity to do with the kids.  We were quite preoccupied for a good hour, maybe more.
Tah-dah!  Our handiwork for the afternoon (early evening).

Tah-dah! Our handiwork for the afternoon (early evening).  They couldn’t be more proud.

Thank you again Tita Pebbles for our DIY fun!   The girls can’t wait to make the other packs again, I just need to find the time! 😉
Learn more about Kracie Popin by following them on Instagram: @diyfun_ph.
If you’d like to order any (or all!) of their products, please send them a message on text or Viber — 0927.9113743.  Kits start at P250 — not bad! — and can be delivered to you daily via Xend.  These are great Christmas gifts too — stocking fillers!  heehee! 😉

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