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A Whole Lotta Laundry, A New World Record and A Give-Away!


If you read my post yesterday about all our art projects, you’ll notice that I like to learn from fellow progressive moms and parents.  Which is why Breeze has so generously sponsored a give-away on the blog!

What are your great #sigemom ideas for arts and crafts or creative projects you do with your children at home? 

Share them with us here and you could be one of three lucky winners to win a supply of Breeze with Activ-Bleach!  Easy multiple entries for all.  The more creative you are, the better!

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Besides, who doesn’t want free detergent, and one that really really works?

Speaking of laundry, our friends at Unilever just informed me that last August 17, Breeze had set an all time New Guinness World Book Record.  2,132 SigeMoms washed a 1,200-meter long stretch of fabric, exceeding the current record by three times the magnitude.  Three times!  Wow!  And it was certified by adjudicator Kristy Bennett who flew in from London.

That's a lot of moms... doing a lot of laundry!

That’s a lot of moms… doing a lot of laundry!

So yes, it’s legit.  Congratulations to the Breeze team and to Unilever for this spectacular achievement.  You not only put the Philippines on the map of Guinness World Book of Records.  More than that I think it’s also because the cause the brand champions and celebrates moms who allow their children to learn by doing.  At the heart of it all, children are allowed to experience and explore freely and no matter what mess they make, mom has nothing to worry about.

The Breeze team with Kristine Bennett and Ms. Tessa Valdez-Prieto.

The Breeze team with Ms. Kristine Bennett and Ms. Tessa Valdez-Prieto.


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  1. i will encouarage my kids to plants trees so we can help our mother nature

  2. My son loves writing/coloring using crayons or pencils (sometimes ballpens, ooops!). I plan to introduce finger-painting to my son soon.

  3. We usually read books and draw.

  4. My Boy and I loves to make puppets out of recycled tissue roll or his baby socks we would put different faces or make animal puppets. and as a very active boy we would also make something out of the boxes we get from grocery shopping and either paint or cut it out as well. 🙂

  5. Coloring book and crayons never grow old! We are also trying to use oil pastel now!

  6. As my son is too young to really enjoy arts and crafts, what we usually do is mold clay. I let him use crayons but not so much as he sometimes eat it. We also tried creating homemade paint as inspired by Rina’s Rainbow 🙂

  7. When I am at home, I usually do painting with my little girl. Palm and finger painting is the activity we love the most. It’s kinda messy, but what’s important the most is that, doing creative projects is a great bonding time with her and she learns from it.

  8. My son and I usually do normal arts and crafts with watercolor. But the one time I couldnt find his paintbrush, we used the eraser end of a pencil. He was painting and splattering paint on paper, on himself, his clothes and the floor. Showed him he could finger paint too. Next thing i know he was using his fingers to paint on paper, the floor and himself. And he was as happier as ever. Nothing beats allowing your child to discover things on his own terms. Besides,everything everything is water soluble anyway.;)

  9. Toddlers are generally picky eaters, and mine is no exception. So to involve him in food preparation is one way to encourage a better eater. One morning I made crepes. So I got out the cookie cutters (sun, moon, stars, circle, square, triangle, etc) and started cutting out shapes. My son chose shapes and cut them out himself. We did that with a piece of cheese, too. So at the end of our pretend play of aliens invading the earth, my son ate his breakfast with no opposition.:) and i am one happy mom.:)

  10. Berry was gifted a clay molding kit that we could paint and we had a lot of fun with that! Messy but there was a lot of satisfaction seeing sticky clay turn into cute little cupcakes in the most pyschedelic of colors! We also recently attended an arts & crafts session at the Ayala museum and we enjoyed making stick on magnets for the fridge and sequined hats. We’ll be doing more of that at home!

  11. I allow my daughter to put food coloring to our pancakes and she mixes it, too. May be a bit messy but at least I know she had fun! She’s even more magana to eat it because she felt that she cooked it! 🙂

  12. The creative projects I would do with my kid at home are watching pink fong’s stories and music videos and playing with colors. <3

  13. i don’t have a child yet but my nephew and i do fingerpainting together.

  14. Abstract drawings on paper! ^_^

  15. Our little minion loves to color even though we can’t identify what he really did after hahaha but then he is so proud looking at his finish product that makes everyone smile at home,so we encourage him more to draw what he wants and get messy, there is #breeze so its ok to #sigesamantsa 😀

  16. I have 3 kids who loves to paint. And instead of buying new crayons, paint brushes, paper to draw or paint and water colors what I do is we recycle old notebooks and use the back of a bond paper that has a writing on it for them to use to draw or paint what they want. And the old crayons which I saved I would melt it so it can be used as a water color. Cheaper, efficient and we recycle it. Big savings for a single mom like me. 🙂

  17. Me and my son loves to color; so he has a ton of coloring books. We also got a painting set from the Breeze Sigeland in MOA; and we’ve been hand painting using it.

    But our ultimate creative bonding is origami and paper folding. It’s not only me and my son, my husband participates too. He’s actually our teacher. Fun! 😀

  18. me and my daughter enjoy finger painting and clay molding 🙂

  19. My little boy LOVES rainbow cupcakes and pancakes so we make them together all the time. It’s fun for him and it allows me to (secretly) get him to love cooking hahaha. Of course he always gets food coloring on his clothes, but sige lang, that just makes our lives all the more colorful. 🙂

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